too short for carly large?

  1. So I went to my Nordies today and they had a large carly and the medium in leather...I was shocked that the medium was "too small" (I have a lot of crap) and the large was really comfy...and i'm 5'3" :wtf: I thought it was rather odd, but i'm ordering the large in a black :nuts:

    Does anyone else have the large and are around my height or shorter? Does it look funny?
  2. Great choice. Im 5'2" and have the large black sig. and a large khaki/saddle. I love them!
  3. I think it's more of what you like with a Carly. I am 5'9" and feel the large is too big for me. I just don't want that much purse. I would probably like a little bit bigger than the medium if I had the option but with what's available, I love the medium. I know there are quite a few more petite women on here who like the large. Forget what everyone else thinks - get what you like! :tup::yes:
  4. I'm 5'4" and my large carly is perfect. I like the fact that I can fit my whole life in there, but on days I don't need to it slouches enough to not look huge.
  5. 5'5 and I LOVE both! I love how the large looks on me. It's just a matter of taste I guess. Some people just don't like big bags!
  6. yay more shorties with big bags :biggrin:
  7. I agree, go for what YOU like! :yes: I am 5'10" and think the large is too big.. I have the medium.. but I dont' carry a ton and the medium is perfect for me. Congrats!! :tup:
  8. I am so jealous of you tall gals! Nothing ever fits me right and I am sick of being short. Tall shoes don't help, either, because I still look like Steve Urkel when I tuck shirts in. :p
  9. don't be too jealous. I can't buy cute designer jeans like sevens or citizens for humanity because their longs aren't long enough. The only places I can find long enough jeans are or I love being tall (I'm 6'3"), but it's a pain sometimes. I look stupid in heels, even though DH is v tall also. I'm sometimes jealous of shorter people who say pants are too long, at least you can have them tailored. ;)
  10. :shocked: Dude... you are a foot and two inches taller than me! LOL! Don't feel bad because I bought some Tommy Hilfiger jeans last weekend in "short" length and they are still too long. I don't think 3" heel boots will help, either.

    Sorry, loves2shop, for hijacking your thread. Now that I'm done *****in' about my height we can talk about your Carly some more.
  11. I'm 5'4 and I love my large Carly! I also like the medium and plan to get one for the days that I don't need much stuff with me.
  12. it's okay :roflmfao: being short sucks!!! hate it....I have to wear Arizona jeans juniors 7 short because no other jeans fit :cursing:
  13. I doubt you to short for it. I seen it on a lot of people and they look great.
  14. I'm 5'5", don't consider myself short (am I delusional), but love both of my large Carlys. I have them in black and in camel. Can't wait to get the chili during PCE (if I get an invite).

  15. Nah.. I don't really consider myself short either at 5'4", it's average. While it'd be super to gain like, 2 inches, I'm perfectly fine with where I am!