"Too Shiny" Bags?

  1. Can someone help me out here please? Could you please post some pics of your different LV bags 'cos I wanna know how "shiny" they are. I saw this girl with a Speedy 30 and her bag was sooooo darn shiny! Shinier than mine, like a lot more! Is hers possibly fake? Or are some LV bags meant to be really shiny? :shrugs:
  2. in my experience, if one of my bags gets used more than the others, it becomes "shinier" than the ones just sitting in their dust bags. i guess the constant rubbing of the material on your clothing "buffs" it. plus the oil on your hands.
  3. Some of the fakeys have a plastic look to them.
  4. This is my friend's mono speedy ( I took pic for her )
    Monogram Spedy 30 by Sally.jpg
  5. i had previously posted about a shiny speedy...i ordered a speedy 25 from eluxury and noticed it was shiny, shinier than normal. Date code on mine is
  6. the perceived shine could possibly be caused by the owner's natural body oils. sometimes its the constant buffing of the canvas against clothing. it could also be just lighting angles. then again, some people apply leather conditioner to the coated canvas (which is actually a big no-no in my books) :yes:
  7. her is my much loved new damier 25 date code is SP0027~ he he was sooo happy when I checked!!!


    I think it also depends if you use a flash! x
  8. Uh, how can you have a speedy that was made in May 2007 when its only the second day in April???
    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  9. New date code format, LV is trying to stay ahead of the fakers. There are other threads about the new codes on the forum.
  10. ^^^thanks

    New date code. It goes by week

    My speedy was made the fifth week of 2007.

    Right out the box, my speedy was noticeable shinier.

    I'll see if I find the pic. If not tonight i'll take a new pic.
  11. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but my Monogram Speedy 30 canvas seemed shinier with use.
  12. My Speedy 25 is really dull right now.

    Its been in the dustbag since September.

    However, my 30 is shiny as anything, since Ive been using it everyday!
  13. I just got my Damier Speedy 25 today and the code is 0077 :smile: