Too Sexy for Work?

  1. Too Sexy For...Work?

    Trust me, you don't want to miss this.
  2. wow! interesting...none of them would be able to work in my office!
  3. Quick! Somebody call Stacy & Clinton!!!!:wtf:
  4. wow !! lol good info thanx!
  5. this is the first time ive ventured in here.. haha im glad i did
  6. Does the video stop and start for anyone else? It doesn't run smoothly for me... :confused1:
  7. Interesting
  8. Unbelievable outfits.
  9. Um yeah, definitely time to call Stacy and Clinton...
  10. not sexy, but desperate for attention
  11. ugh explain to me why women feel they need to look like an extra from Pretty Woman
  12. Hmm, it's interesting how it is described as empowering themselves. I didn't find the clothes horrible, but I did think they pushed the edge of appropriateness and would not be best for a work setting. Intersting to notice the guy/girl responses and the response to older/Black woman
  13. wow.. the accountant. skaaaaaaaaaaanky.
  14. LOL....Clara was definitely the worst....yuck!
  15. Hahaha great post Sonya.