Too redundant?

  1. After hearing about a new limelight clutch coming out, the smaller size seemed really appealing to me. However, I have a motard pochette as well. So I ask you lovely LV lovers out there: is having both being a bit redundant? Or is it 2 different things. ;)
  2. there's a new limelight clutch coming out? uhoh, that's bad news for a person who just decided and really needs to go on a ban.

    anyhow, being a chanel flap lover, who has them in different sizes and colors, my answer would be no, it's not too redundant. when the sizes and colors are different, even though they are the same style, they can have totally different looks imo.
  3. Different enough to HAVE to buy both!!!!
  4. yep! in 2 sizes (regular and PM which is about 10 cm smaller) and 2 new colors (gold and black or chocolate brown...not sure).

    i LOVE that answer!!! LOL
  5. Something about the motard's clasp makes it less glam than it could be, IMO, for some occasions.
  6. go for GOLD!!!!! :nuts:
  7. Ooh, a smaller limelight?? That does sound appealing!!

    As for your, not too redundant. They're 2 different things :yes:
  8. Not redundant at all!!! Go for it!
  9. ^ wow you guys are enablers :amuse: Me too! If you love it go ahead.
  10. ooh i didn't know a diff size was coming out!!! ahhh yay
  11. I'm sorry I am going to be the party pooper here as I wouldn't make this purchase if I were you. It does seem redundant to me, to be honest.

    But then again, if you *really* LVOE it , then it's another story:smile:
  12. Noo, limelight clutch is definitely one to add to your collection, not redundant at all!
  13. hey, honest opinions are always welcome :smile: i have yet to see the look book so we shall see....
  14. Not redundant at all! I think style wise, yes, but the fabric and the whole look about them is different enough to need to have both :smile:
  15. i think they are too different things. i would like to see the smaller limelight. i just saw the smaller motard clutch in the S/S 2008 thread and went "uh oh..." lol.