Too pretty to open (a sale reveal)

  1. This is the medium Sukey but it is not a small bag. It easily fits all my daily stuff, plus an umbrella and an iPad, and there's still room to spare. I am trying not to fill it up completely because then it will be too heavy. :p
  2. congrats, lovely love
  3. So many lovely pieces, congratulations on all, love the Sukey of course :tup:
  4. Congrats...enjoy your new items....
  5. Congrats!! I love it all :biggrin:
  6. Thanks everyone. This is my first Gucci and I am really pleased with everything.
  7. love them all ! congrats.....
  8. Congrats on your lovely acquisitions!
  9. Nice small accessories. :smile: Its a beautiful match up.
  10. Great choices! Enjoy your new Gucci pieces! :smile:
  11. Love everything!
  12. What beautiful purchases!! I love the metallic leather SLG's! I find they wear like iron. Such functional and beautiful goods. Enjoy!!

    I want to add: I just love the way everything came in such beautiful gift boxes and if you look carefully the boxes say they are made in Italy so don't throw them away! ;)
  13. Gorgeous! I especially love the little metallic pink accessories :]
  14. Congrats! I'm so happy for you :smile:
  15. Very nice! I like that diamond canvas