Too old?

  1. I was just talking to a neighbor and her sister is having a baby. The sister is like 42. :nuts: Do you think there's an age when you're too old to have a baby?
  2. aunt had my cousin at 43...she was trying for years to have a baby and she finally got him
  3. When you've already gone through menopause but insist on having unnatural procedures to become pregnant.

    42 is nothing out of the ordinary these days. Women are choosing to have babies later and later in life. Honestly, I would have liked to wait until I was 30+ to have a child, so I could have a career, make some money, etc...But here I am at 21!
  4. Personally I think 43 is borderland, but as long as the kid is wanted, I guess it's okay. What disgusts me though is those who goes through hormone treatments etc when they're waaay past 50 knowing that they will be older than the grandparents of that kid's classmates etc.
  5. It's funny you should say that. I knew a girl who's mom was like 50 when she had her, and a LOT of people thought that was her grandmother and by the time she was like 13, they were living in a senior citizen home (the father died). :sad:
  6. ^ That's sort of sad :sad: My dad was 44 when I was born, and several times while walking me, people he knew, but hadn't seen for a long time would come up to him and say stuff like "yes, aren't those grandchildren cute!" and my dad would always have to explain that I was not his granddaughter, lol.
  7. I don't think 42 is too old at all...An age limit might be appropriate, but I am not about to decide what is right or what is wrong for people.
  8. yeah my aunt had a medical condition that was preventing her from getting pregnant the regular way so after a lot of tries IVF finally worked.

    that lady that just had a baby at 67 in Spain or something...thats just way too old...but i don't know to each their own. :shrugs:
  9. ^ I understand that people really want kids, but it's really selfish to get pregnant at 67! Like, when that kid is 13, she's 80! And what's the probability that the mom will even be alive when the kid turns 18?
    Then again, what's worse - a young and bad mom or an old good mom?
    Sorry for hijacking the thread btw, this is just something I get a bit grumpy about :flowers:
  10. You're hijacking. I like your opinions, and the others, I like how it is going. It's cool to hear different views.
  11. Yeah-that might be a bit borderline to me. Though, my MIL had my husband when she was 45 and that was way back in the day when if you had a kid past 30 you were ancient (hubby was a surprise package ).

    I am 42 now and if I found myself pregnant at this age, I would have the baby and think I would be fine with it.

    It all depends on the "inside" age of the woman. Some women are old at 30, others at 50 are still going strong.
  12. Too old, in my opinion, is when the kid could be taking care of you before they're of legal age. I don't think to be in your 40s and have a baby is too old. Up until 45, you wouldn't even be at retirement age when you kid is 20. That doesn't sound, "OMG your parents are so old!" to me.

    However, when you're pushing 50s, 60s, 70s, I think that's pushing the line as to what's fair to the child.
  13. Since I somewhat hijacked the thread in my other posts, I'll just give my $.02 on the actual topic:
    I'm young, so I haven't even started planning kids yet, and I'm not even sure if I want some. However, if I do decide that I want some and for some reason I can't get pregnant naturally, I'll either adopt or try until I become about 45. After 45 I think it will be too selfish, and I put the 45 limit there because it's not uncommon to have kids when one is 40 now, so I guess that in 26 years it will be even more normal to be an "old" mom.
    My mom was 35 when I was born, and although I've realised the pros of having older parents than the other kids in the class in the later years, I really wished that my parents were younger when I was in elementary school.
    And of course, I wish your neighbour's sister all the best with her baby :flowers:

  14. :yes: I agree. I don't think we can use a general age limit.
  15. yup i totally agree with you. i thought the same thing when the kid is 13 she'll be 80!! yikes!

    she came to the US and lied about her the IVF and went back to Spain