Too Old To Wear A Multicolore Bag?

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I have a MC Speedy 30 and I have been unsure whether to carry it or not.

    It seems lately that only people in their "teens" and "early twenties" carry an MC bag.

    Should I just snap out of it and flaunt my beautiful bag? Or ......

    Do you think their is an "age limit" on who should carry a Multicolore bag?

    Would appreciate everyone's thoughts. :smile: Thanks!
  2. I don't think anything from LV has age restrictions, if you love it wear it proudly!
  3. No way! My mom is in her 50's and wears them really well!
    I think as long as you truly believe you can pull them off then you can. Flaunt that bag with pride!
  4. LV is fun for everyone at everyage! There's no 'age limits' on who can carry what line, MC is a great line, and i am dying for a MC speedy myself, Enjoy it!
  5. Oh not at all, actually around where I live there are more mature women who sport the's a pretty sight, so no worries...
  6. MC is for all ages!!!! Rock your MC Speedy with pride! :rochard:
  7. No age limit.
  8. If anything else the MC speedy will just show your sophistication! Work it! :smile:
  9. Yes, snap out of it!!! LOL. Wear your MC and have fun with it!!! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, just enjoy your bag!!
  10. :love: Thank You Everyone :love:
  11. all ages:yes:
  12. Never too old...
  13. I'm 42 and I wear my black MC Alma and white MC Speedy all the time! No age limit, and your only as old as you feel!
  14. Go for it! the mulitcolore (or any LV line for that matter) should never be hidden away. All ages can rock multicolore!!! Also to have one on your arm boosts your confidence to no end, haha! Enjoy. Oh by the way, is it black or white mc. Both are just:drool: :drool: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo:
  15. Carry your bag and enjoy it!! I dont think there is an age limit on what bag you should or shouldnt carry.