Too old looking??

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  1. Do you think the Azur Saleya GM or MM is an older lady type bag? I have only seen older women wearing it. I'm considering getting it, but just not sure. Do you guys feel that it is a young bag or old looking?? Not that I'm really young (38) LOL, but I want a young, cute bag, not something older types wear. KWIM?? Thanks
  2. Definitely not!! People of any age look good on Damier Azur. I've seen people in their 20's carry the Azur Saleya and it looked hot on them.
  3. I agree, I've seen quite a few young adults with them and they certainly rock it! Azur suits everyone :tup:
  4. I am the same age as you are and I have the Azur Saleya MM and I love it. It is not too old at all. I think Azur is very young looking.

  5. Not at all! That is a beautiful bag for all ages!
  6. Totally with you on that.
  7. not at all man..
  8. Not at all!
  9. actually... Tara Reid has a Saleya.... (hope that doesn't turn you off)

    lol jk, they look good on everyone! Just not when you're stumbling around drunk in the streets late at night (tara reid) lol
  10. ^^ ITA! :tup:
  11. I think the saleya is very nice, although some people say it hurts when u carry it on the shoulders... but still is very nice for any age!
  12. I recently saw a girl in her early 20s carrying an Azur Saleya MM, and it looked absolutely awesome on her. I think the azur is just so fresh looking. I would not hesitate to carry it at any age.
  13. Azur is so pretty! And the Saleya is for all ages..all LV bags are for all ages!
  14. I don't think the saleya has an old look to it at all. I do think however, that the alma in mono, damier and epi look more 'mature' imho.
  15. I don't think any LV is "too old looking". If you like it, buy it and enjoy it, no matter what other people think. Life is too short...