Too Old for Skinnies?

  1. Just bought a pair of JBrand Skinnies. They are the most fitted pair of jeans I've worn in a long time. But they have fantastic stretch so I don't fell like an overstuffed sausage. But at my age, I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard to be hip, you know what I mean? Nothing sadder than seeing a middle-aged woman clawing to keep her youth. I'm 57. Thanks for your honest opinions.
    image-1273624564.jpg image-653015701.jpg
  2. I think they look cute! You should wear them!
  3. They fit you perfectly! Keep em
  4. Looking fab
  5. you look fine....nothing reminds me of sausage...:p
    enjoy the jeans...
  6. As a lady past 40 myself I think they look great!! And I so understand trying to look stylish and current without look like you're still hanging on to your 20's. You have the figure to wear them very well!! Enjoy them!
  7. I think they look wonderful on have a nice figure for them! Wear them and enjoy!!
  8. They look perfect on you. You look GREAT!!
  9. What sausage? You look lovely
    But now I feel like sausages for lunch, thanks:smile: lol
  10. I don't think AGE has to do much with weather or not you can wear skinnies... body type does. And you look just fine in them :smile:
  11. you look great!
  12. You should definitely keep them, you look great!
  13. I think you should definitely wear these jeans .. At 57 your looking fantastic and i wished i could wear jeans like this .... Stand tall and be proud :woot:
  14. You look amazing for a 57 y/o, keep the jeans :smile:
  15. My mom is 62 and I got her a pair to wear with a cozy sweater and tall boots. She lived in them last winter. You look great keep them.