Too old for Kooba?

  1. Hi gang, I've admired Kooba for a while and am thinking of getting the Dylan. I like the boho retro look because I really was a boho the first time around, LOL. My question is, is the brand overall too youthful for someone who is your mom's age, and how about this style in particular? I also am attracted to the Claudia and the Ginger. Are any or all of these too junior looking for me? I carry LV, Celine, Balenciaga now.

  2. Well, that all Mom is 73....LOL
    Hey, we aren't all young chicks in here :smile:
    I think the Dylan is an any age bag.
    Now this is just me personally but I think a Claudia or Ginger on a Young 50 year old is fine. If you are 60...I think they may look a little too trendy.
    But that is just me. There are alot of gals in here who will disagree and say "Wear whatever makes you feel good". Which is totally true.
    But for me I think some bags are more age appropriate than others.
  3. Well I am 46 and I own a Meredith, Nicole, Parker, and Elisha. I don't think those bags belong to a certain age or generation. The important thing is choose bags that suit your personal style.
  4. jellyv, I am in my early 50's and own 8 different styles of Kooba bags. I believe Kooba bags are ageless timeless classics and can be carried for many years to come, no matter the trend. Dylan is gorgeous - I say Go For It & Enjoy!!
  5. Too old for Kooba?? I am in my 40's and that never occurred to me. Too old for short mini skirts, probably, but not for Kooba's!! :smile:
  6. I think kooba bags are great for any age. I am 28 and my first kooba was the brynne in auburn- but my mom who is 58 was in love with it, and gals where I work in there 40's always comment on the bag. I like kooba bags because I can be stylish without trying to look overly trendy or "like I am 21" again. I hope when I am "old" I continue to have "kooba" style and taste! :smile:
  7. If the bag suits you...there is no need to worry about age.
  8. oh no WAY is there ever such a thing as too old for kooba. an 80-year-old granny carrying a furry, hot pink Juicy bag... ok, that's a little out of the ordinary but even then, it kind of depends on the granny's personality.

    plus Kooba bags are so beautiful. i have a Kooba Elisha, i would never give up!
  9. too old...whats that?
    old is for people with limitations...
  10. Well put. I agree. The furry Juicy comment was really funny too! I am sure some ladies do that and love it!
  11. My mom is 90 this year in January and she's getting one from me for Christmas! A metallic too. Im 47 and I wear a different one every day, rock on!
  12. I think some of the styles are a little "younger" than others, but I think it really depends on your style as well as the style of the bag. I definitely don't think Kooba is just a younger brand just because you see lots of Hollywood starlet types with Koobas. I convinced my 60 year old mother to get a black suede Elisha, and I think it looks great on her. As for the Dylan specifically, I would say that is probably one of the more conservative, mature Koobas anyway. I definitely think you could carry that at just about any age.
  13. Thanks for all your responses. Really appreciate hearing about the wide range of buyers! Now, waiting for a good deal is my only concern.:p
  14. I'm 34 and I love all Koobas! My Mom who is 57 loves my Annie bag in Oak...we agree that there is no point to carrying tiny handbags! I just bought a Sloane in Honey from eBay-there are a few popping up now from Neiman Marcus-I can't wait to get it!!
  15. I agree. I couldn't see myself (mid-40's) carrying that metallic Parker that looks like a turkey roasting bag, and there are a few other styles that are a bit trendier that wouldn't suit me. It's a personal style choice. In general, though, I think many of the bags can be easily carried by a woman in her 40's and 50's and beyond.