Too Old for a Paddington??? Be brutal!

  1. Hi ladies, I am a new member, this is my first post but I have learned SO much already from you all! Here's the question -- I have a still-evolving but nice bag collection, but so far no Chloe. I have yearned for a Paddington, but for a while just not in the budget, and now . . . could afford it but wonder if I am too old to carry one off! (early 40s) SUCH a beautiful bag (and viewing your amazing photos only made me want one more!) but don't want to look silly. I've figured out that I'm old enough to be the Mom of some of you, so what do you think, honestly? :confused1: Most of my stash tends to be a tad more conservative (Tods/Anya Hindmarch/a little Chanel) but there's something about that smooshy Paddington leather that makes me feel I'm missing out! (The Ediths etc. are gorgeous but, for me, not as enticing). Should I join the hunt? Or act my age and admire from afar? Any thoughts appreciated, and thanks again for being such a great source of info.
  2. Oh Please no do not think you are to old for a Paddington in your 40's, age is a state of mind & many many elegant women in their 40s carrying the paddington! I really doubt that there are that many teenagers who can afford it LOL it is an elegant bag for any age.
  3. Your joking right? I'm 48 and have two Chloe's and quess what I'm gonna get more!!!!!!!!

    The whole key with purses is how the bag looks on you. Not all Chloe's work for me but oddly enough I can carry off the Betty chain handle model in a patent leather and so can my sister (who's in her 50's). The other day when I was in Chicago I saw this ultra cool woman in her late 50's; early 60's with flare, style and a *****en purse. I couldn't take my eyes off of her I thought she looked stunning. She was dressed down, casual and had a hip bag.

    Please go for it, the styles your drawn to tend to work for your make-up.:heart:
  4. just like susieserb said, not all the colors suit. go to the boutique to try it on.
    i have the grey blue one and i think i will also carry it in my 40s. no doubt, if you really like, go and find the one.
  5. Just bought my first 2 paddingtons at 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think a paddington is beautiful at any age. If you are worried about the trendiness factor you could get a classic colour, or maybe a different style, like the shopper tote? Either way, I definitely think someone in their 40s could pull off a paddington! Hope you get one. :smile:
  7. I think it's crazy to think you're too old!!! It's not like you are buying a hello kitty or tokidoki print!!
    Absolutely buy the paddington and LOVE it on yourself!! I would never think someone was too old for a bag that's so expensive!! I would think - oh she's a classy woman with great taste in bags and god bless her- she can afford it!!
  8. What are you talking about?! Even my Aunt who is 57 wears a paddington with grace! Buy one!!! :yes::yahoo:
  9. Never too old for a Paddington!
  10. Join the hunt!!!

    DH and I got my Mom (53) a paddy for Christmas and she adores it!! It looks great on her too :yes:

    <-- btw, she did the painting that is currently my avatar:love:
  11. No way. I'm 50....sometimes I think Chanel is too old for me...but I never think I'm too old for that this has come up, it would be interesting to have all the Chloe purse forum members step up and tell us their age.

    I don't think I could have afforded Chloe in my twenties or early thirties.
  12. Completely agree with all PFers! You are never too old for a paddy! You should only a bag that suits you and your personal style. Has nothing to do with age!
  13. oh come on, never never too old. Try it on in person, if it looks good, trust your instinct and taste! Happy shopping :yes:
  14. no such thing as being too old to own any kind of bag...

    thats like saying a guys too old for a Ferrari ...

    if you got the moola ... ROCK IT ! ! !
  15. I think one of the great things about good quality, well designed accessories, including all the Chloe bags that I've seen, is that they can be worn by people of all ages (including people who are far older than you!). :biggrin: