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  1. So, I was having this conversation with my friend about Louis Vuitton. She feels that a person who's "unsure about their" style gets Louis Vuitton (GRRR :evil: ), when I brought up that eventually I would like LV Luggage. She thought that the monogram LV design doesn't show personality, and is used for "show". Now I'm having second thoughts on LV, reassurance, ladies?? :cry:
  2. she obviously does not own an LV, no?
  3. you should drop her as a friend, immediately!

    :lol: J/K
  4. No, she doesnt! :idea:

  5. LMAO! I was thinking the same thing. First of all...let me ask this. What is the most expensive bag she owns? In my experience the overly critical are also the same ones who do not own any designer bag. Those of us who truly appreciate high end designer bags understand that we all have difference tastes

  6. I guess she doesn't like things that she feels scream "designer"?
    Like, she's coveting a Chanel tote, but doesn't want the CC design on it. I ADORE LV and CC, but this just made me second guess.

    I suppose the LV luggage is a tad for status, but thats not saying i dont adore it-- i think its really cute.

  7. Besides B-bags, I am the proud owner of a nice little LV collection
    1. Speedy 30 white multicolor
    2. Theda GM white multicolor
    3. Speedy 30 mono. canvas
    4. Mini looping mono. canvas
    5. Mono. canvas Tressor wallet
    6. Multicolor white Tressor wallet
    7. My brand new Batignolles Vertical, Love, love, love it!!!!! Tell you friend LV is a classic and here to stay!
  8. As soon as you own a Louis you fall in love! No other bag IMO does it for me like LV. I'm thinking of branching out from the monogram into damier, seen as it's a little more disreet!
  9. She likes what she likes, you like what you like. Get what you like!
  10. hmmm... envy??!! :smile:
  11. Maybe having something "for show" is your sure is mine. Maybe I am shallow, but I LOVE monogramed things. To me, they are a bit flashier AND if I am going to spend that kind of money on something I want someone to know what it is. That is just me. Having something that is know for luxury and "for show" is part of the drama queen in me, and if other people don't "get it" then poop on them.
    Girl get what YOU want! I doubt very seriously that you lack style...don't let her make you doubt your style.
  12. I must really ditto this qoute. My sister always says this to me when I tell her that maybe she should get Damier instead of monogram. She says, "I want people to know what the bag is." It's okay to enjoy luxury and make a statement with your accessories. It's fun!
  13. maybe your friend is just envious. Does she own any LV bags?
  14. Well, I think that statement attests to the fact that Louis Vuitton is always going to be a fashion staple. The statement implies that people that are unsure, or want to play it safe know that Vuitton does have a certain amount of staying power. This isn't to say people that have definite ideas of personal style, or are committed Vuitton addicts don't also buy their bags.

    The statement does seem a little generalizing and totalizing as well.
  15. You just read my mind!!!:biggrin: