Too much to match shoes & bags?

  1. Is it too much to match these wedges w/ the bag? Does it look too matchy matchy? What do you think? [​IMG]
  2. Personally, I think it depends on the pattern and the shoes/bag. In my opinion, that would be Patchwork overload - sorry. I am not trying to be rude or anything, just honest. :flowers:
  3. I think it would be cute!

    Personally, I like to match the bag with the shoes!
  4. i have the wedges!! i wanted to get the bag tooooooo! i dont think its too much
  5. I would wear them separately I think.
  6. LOL...yeah I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for opinion, it really helps! :yes: I guess I'm gonna wear the wedges w/ one of my monogram LV bags
  7. It would depend what you wear with it. If it's just jeans & a white/navy/light blue shirt, it would probably be cute. However, if your outfit was very colorful, it would probably be overkill.
  8. I was going to say the exact same thing!!! I think it would look really cute with a white sun dress or white pants and shirt but other than that it would be overkill.
  9. My mom has that same bag and shoes. She doesn't wear the shoes that often, but when she does, she always wears it with the bag. As long as it's matched with solid colors, it looks fine!! :smile:
  10. I'd wear them together, I do't think it's an overload at all since the pattern is only on the front of the shoe. I think it'd look really cute with a summery white top and denim capris or skirt. I almost always have my bags match my shoes (at least the same color) or I have my shoes match some other part of my outfit, cuz I have OCD like that.
  11. I think they would be cute together--I'm a "Matchy" type of lady.
  12. I'm not matchy matchy so I say no...enjoy them separately!! I have a ton of b&w sig stuff including slides and a couple bags and nope I wouldn't wear them together either as much as I love them.
  13. I probably wouldn't but the print is cute.
  14. What would the Coach girl do? To really pull it off your clothing would need to match a color in the patchwork.
  15. I think it would look good depending on what kind of bottoms you wear. With jeans it would be cutee.;)