Too much to ask?

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  1. Hi ladies! Would love some opinions.

    First of all, SO SORRY I don't just have pics to show you. Would make things easier, but I'm having mega problems uploading anything at the moment.

    I have a huge brown suede Chanel bag, it's about 15" x 12" not including the chain. It's in flawless condition, it's actually lined in real satin... I don't think I've even seen another Chanel bag lined in actual satin. A very nice boyfriend bought it for me when I got my first "job" (read: internship that paid pennies). With tax I think the total tab came closer to $3,000. It's a truly spectacular bag but I don't know that it suits my small frame.

    The problem is, I loathe letting it go for less than $2,000. I figure, though, who the heck wants to pay that? Just judging from Ebay trends, I would be VERY lucky to get $1,000 for it. Should I just forget about the idea of selling it, unless it's for significantly less?

    Would you let go of a $3,000 bag for less than a thousand, or just keep it even though you don't really use it?
  2. i think you'd probably regret letting it go for less than $2k, and if you would, i'd just hold on to it unless you reaaaaally need the money. maybe you'd have more luck at an upscale consignment shop? you can always put it up in the WTS section with a ballpark price and see if anyone here is interested.
  3. If its going to sit there and gather dust...sell it.
    I had the same prob with alot of my bags and finally decided after 10 years of collecting sell them....I lost money but the people that bought them were worth it!
  4. I agree with amanda. Unless you're desperate for the cash, I wouldn't let it go for less than $2000 if it's in mint condition.
  5. I think its better to wait until you really need the money but I would definately try the WTS section here. You might be lucky and someone is looking for this bag. Take care Intl!!
  6. I agree with Tanja.
    Sell it only if you truly need the money.
  7. If you really need to sell it, I'd say try the Forum first....when you can upload pictures, or try to find an upscale consigment shop per amanda's suggestion.

    Good luck!
  8. Sorry, guys... darn, this bag is really hard to photograph because of the deep chocolate color. These are the only two that remotely came out!

  9. Unless you desperately need any amount of $ you can come up with, I wouldn't let it go for less than $2k. You could try posting it on the WTF thread and see how it does...
  10. I agree with everyone else. Don't let it go for less than $2,000 unless you need the money.
  11. i agree don't loose that much money you'll probably regret it! i've sold items in the past for much less than i paid and it always irked me.. unless you really need the money wait until you have a better chance at getting what it's worth
  12. Alright, I guess I'm keeping it then! Thanks so much, girls!
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't sell it either!
  14. I don't think you should let it go for less than $2500, but you're right - unless its a limited edition or a hotly desired hard-to-get IT bag, it's going to difficult to sell it for so close to it's actual price. I wouldn't pay more than $1k for this bag, but I think it's still worth your chances posting it in WTS or on ebay. Good luck!
  15. Agree with everyone else, unless you're desperate, dont do it! Especially not for lower than $2000.