Too much time in the LV VIP Room has created a Monster!

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  1. This past weekend I had the pleasure of lounging in the LV VIP room with fellow TPFer little LV lover. Both she and my daughter had a load of fun playing with the bags and watching the runway video. My daughter was running around, touching everything, posing with the manequins, and lying on the plush carpet.

    This morning as I was getting my new Pomme Roxbury dressed for a day out I heard "Ba" coming from behind me. I turned around to see my little daughter had woken up and was sitting up in bed pointing at my bag and saying "ba" (her word for bag). I couldn't stop laughing. My husband blames me for all of this.

    Here's pics of the little one posing and the Roxbury dressed up:

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  2. Awh!! Bless your teaching your daughter well!
    & OMG THE HEADPHONE BAG!! AA :drool:
  3. That is so cute. She will grow up to have great taste.
  4. cute & adorable!
  5. very nice, rileygirl!!!
  6. Lol that's cute.
  7. Just wait till you go looking for a bag and its not there...youll know exactly who the culprit is!
  8. How cute! That's the daughter of a true LV lover!

    Your new Roxbury = :heart:! It looks GREAT with the MC heart!
  9. ^^^That's exactly what my husband said!!!
    She already has received her very own LV catalog from an SA, knows how to carry a mini pochette on her shoulder, and looks through my bag to take out all the shiny accessories.
  10. OMFG - the pic of baby girl with the headphone bag is FREAKING ADORABLE. We (We = Hawaii tPFers + your hubby - guess we have to include him, JK NIKEGOLF) will raise to be a LV expert. I mean... VIP room since a toddler?

    Teach her to read using Lookbooks and teach her colors using MC bags...
  11. So cute!
  12. Oh my god. She knows how to carry the mini pochette on her shoulder? You are the luckiest woman in the world. I hope my future daughter will be like her.
  13. You know, the color thing is actually a really good idea! 36 colors right?
  14. awww!!! how cute!! love the roxbury too :biggrin:
  15. If you tell her to put her bag on her shoulder she'll stick her arm straight out and use the other arm to pull the bag up then walk around with her arm stiking out to keep in on her shoulder. It is super funny. I need to get it on video to show at her wedding one day!

    Em, you daughter will prob. be worse than mine some day!!!