Too much temptation...

  1. I've been wanting a panda trotteur forever. Today, I finally saw one on eBay from a reputable seller and I was so excited that I almost hit BIN. But then I had to come back to reality... I just bought a cerises bucket(on eBay too) and I can't just keep buying all these expensive bags so frequently... there's no way I can go into debt even if it's for that adorable little panda. I'm so bummed that this had to pop up on eBay literally days after I made a big purchase. :crybaby:

    Has this ever happened to you--you make a big purchase and see something you want more or just as much almost right away?
  2. What!!! Where?? I haven't seen one of those, only heard about them.

    You did the right thing, another may come along when you are ready. It's very wise not to go into debt. You have a lovely bucket to drown your sorrows in, enjoy it & think of what a smart thing you just did.
  3. You can maybe ask the seller for a lay away, I saw many reputable seller offeing a lay away, fashionphile, karenkooper,
  4. I was thinking about that, but was kind of embarassed to ask.
  5. I hate when that happens! It happens to me all the time....but the great thing about ebay is that they always pop back up again! You could always start saving for it and have it set aside for when it comes back up!
  6. Oh yes and you want to be good, just can't do it. Congrats on your new pieces and can't wait to see pics!
  7. I've been DYING for that trotteur too... Hope someone who really deserves it, gets it, like you.... maybe when the time is right, I'll get one too. I'm really scared of ebay right now, and will only purchase from stores...
  8. I got scammed on ebay yesterday by wanting a Panda Vavin too badly. Wanting things too badly can not end up very good.
  9. That sucks... what happened? You really can't be too careful with eBay. I've seen a couple of trotteurs from not-so-reputable sellers and I stayed away but I'm pretty sure this one is reputable... which is why I'm so bummed about not being able to snatch it up.
  10. It's in the ebay forum, lord knows no one wants to hear about it again...:shame: :upsidedown:

    But, believe me, it was bad... quick synopsis... here goes (hold my breath)... I was offered a second chance and told that buyer didn't pay. I wanted Vavin sooo bad, that I answered the email saying yes thrilled, then started worrying, questioning and posting on forum.. thank god i did not give out any info. Later on they contacted me saying to provide them with info and they would complete transaction. Someone in the forum said I was in trouble by just responding, so I had to change all passwords to all accounts, etc. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they didn't hack into anything.... :hysteric:
  11. This trotteur is definately reputable. That's not the problem, it's the hackers that are the problem now...
  12. She will do it, just ask her. Say you pay half now and that you will complete the balance.
  13. I just messaged her, keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. That would be awesome! I hope you get it!!! (from a fellow panda lover)....