Too much Speddies ???

  1. Hi everyone !!!
    I wanted to know something, I have a Speedy 25 in mono, do you think, if I get the Speedy 35, I'd have too much Speedies ? :shrugs:

    Thanks !!! :p
  2. Maybe you can get it in mini lin or epi instead of regular mono?
  3. NEVER enough!
  4. How about the Damier? I think if you have the $ to spare, go for the mono, or if you just love it so much, go for it. But if you're not sure, maybe go for something different?
  5. you can never have enough speedies. In almost every LV line they make a speedy. I own 3 and would still buy another if one came along that I love.
  6. I think people should always buy what they like and want to have. Who cares if it's too many or not? Is it what you want? That's the only answer that really matter;).

    Personally the Speedy is my favorite bag from LV and I will definitely purchase another one---maybe the Damier one or the Azur....not sure yet...
  7. You can never have too many speedies ... but you can change up your selection by picking a mini lin or damier or an azur or an epi!
  8. Yes I agree, I hesitate between the Batignolles Vertical and the Speedy 35, and I already have the Alma in mono.
  9. ITA!!

  10. I would go with the BV - such a cute shape!
  11. There is NO such thing as having "to many" LV Speedys. :graucho:
  12. I have a mono in 25 and one in 30, plus a Damier in 25; you can never have too many!
  13. you can never have too many speedies :smile:
  14. How about getting a speedy in a different line? I hate getting two of the same speedies, but do what you'd like.
  15. You can never have enough speedies!