too much purple??

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  1. .....but i already have a metallic purple venetia and a capra lined in purple, and this new stam is a purple (plum) as that too much purple??

    also here's a list of all my bags i want to sell to fund this new stam, i just bought... tell me what you think a reasonable price would be for them:

    marc jacobs quilted ursula bowler

    marc jacobs cherry blossom multipocker

    marc jacobs black hobo with one front zip, from last year i think

    also a few coach too and maybe a chloe

    Thanks Ladies.....I've been spending too much freaking money lately....
  2. IMO you can never have enough purple! It also helps that all the purple bags you have are different shades. Are you able to incorporate them into your wardrobe fairly easily? As for the bags you wish to sell, can you be a bit more specific as to their color, size, and/or condition?
  3. oh thanks melly, sorry

    the bowler is like new and is cola, then the cherryblossom is new, not used and the black hobo is slightly used, but has a zipper stain, ie.. the zipper got caught in the suede and left a mark......
  4. Please read pf rules..... Selling on PF is Not allowed
  5. I love shades of purple & apparently you do too! I agree with Melly - of course it's not too much.
  6. I'm sorry Jill! I really don't think either of us intended to violate any rules. :flowers:
  7. I'm not selling, i asked what people think would be a fair price, i haven't even decided if i am going to sell the bags
  8. You can never have too much purple!
  9. with this new stam, you'd technically only have 2 purple bags right? cuz the capra is only LINED in purple.
  10. with this new stam, you'd technically only have 2 purple bags right? cuz the capra is only LINED in purple. so go for it!
  11. anytime you mention over and over again that you intend to sell it and you combine that w/ heavily describing the bags, it looks like you're soliciting.
    Whether you are or are not doesn't matter, we just are VERY strict about it and if we see something that could prompt people to contact you about stuff you intend to sell, we'll put a stop to it.
    That's all.
  12. are you kidding me? purple rocks!:love:
  13. yay! sweet purple...thanks for your input i think you may be a little biased though. digablebeatz..yeah it's technically two so def not too much.