Too much pink, houston/brentwood framboise.

  1. Well, I went to Stanford (not my normal store) to look at the Houston and Brentwood Vernis in framboise, since they had both and I could see them side by side. Man it's alot of pink!

    As I was debating and looking at them in the mirror, and saying out loud...I don't know it's a lot of pink.

    I had the nicest SA, I wished I would have remembered to ask her name!

    Anyway, I think she gave me some good advice...As she was eyening my stuffed antigua, I had pretty much dumped on the floor, she said, "are you sure you want vernis? It is not a great winter bag, and it is our most 'fragile' material"....I laughed out loud...she was being so PC, but getting her point across...I looked down at used and abused antigua and said, "you're probably right"
  2. LOL Well I am a HUGE fan of pink, but do admit that the pink vernis is very flashy:smile:

    I still love it, though!

    I say go for it, and maybe just use it as a special occassion bag? IE not everyday:smile:
  3. Ahh but those two bags are gorgeous! I agree with couturegrl, it can be used as a special occasion/special weather bag? :jammin:
  4. What about the reade pm if you're worried about a LOT OF PINK?
  5. :roflmfao: That's what I was there to exchange, I love it, but just too small...thanks for the thought though.
  6. Ooh, I am so glad that you noted that it is the most fragile material, I had no idea and this will definitely make me rethink the Reade PM I wanted...
  7. Hey, I've got the Framboise Brentwood and man is it a lot of pink, but boy is it hot and TDF... don't regret it a day. Can't wait to wear it in the dead of winter with solid black. It will be fabulous.... I have no regrets...
    Framboise and Panda smile.jpg
  8. Wow Veronika! That bag is TDF!!! I absolutely love the color!
  9. Thanks! You CAN tone it down... doesn't have to be all about flash. Can be about totally classic color, but you'd have to keep your top on... and, a very well cut top at that...and well cut jeans, ya know. It can be casual or dressy, depending on who you are...
  10. Thanks, I am still thinking about it, The black is exactly what I was thinking about! Do you have any problems with marks or scratches, etc?
  11. Nope. Not yet, and not on my framboise zippy wallet either and I use it a lot. Also other Pfers have the agendas and have commented on no problems. I also have used Wilsons leather protector on the vachetta, and spray all over the bag, and no problems with that at all, it helps protect. But, you must use the dustcover with vernis in your closet. I think that's how most color transfer happens, besides laying it on newspaper or magazines. You do need to be careful, but I just as careful with my Epi piece or my Multicolor piece, so it's not that much different for me, and actually a LOT more satisfying. Good luck, but the color really isn't for everyone, the subtle gold undertones are what kill me. But, with a bag like that, I have enough framboise. No more for me, that and the zippy are plenty, cause you are so right. It's a LOT! Keep us posted...
  12. I haven't had any problems at all with my Houston. There's a picture of me with mine in the visual aids thread..once you get it out in daylight, yes, its bright, but it can be matched with SO many things. Don't worry about it screaming out "pink" because really, it doesn't. It's much more muted than the fuchsia was.
  13. A lot of members do not have problems with scratches or anything like that unless they run into a wall and scrape it or something. They don't really baby it that much and some members here do baby it a lot just to be safe. :yes: