too much??? (pic)

  1. Hi Ladies!
    just wondering what you all think about having a bow and a charm/luggage tag on large carly. I love them both and couldn't choose, so I put both on her. What do you all think? Which one should I keep on her? or both?
    decisions, decisions!
    All advice/opinions are welcome!

    (just ignore all the junk in front of my bag! I originally took this pic for the "whats in your coach bag?" thread.) :p

  2. I think it looks great and as long as you love it, that's all that really matters! :tup:
  3. Not at all, I think it looks great!
  4. I like it! I was worried about having too much at first too, but now I think the combo of a scarf, charm, and luggage tag look great!
  5. If I had scarves & charms I would hang them on all of my bags. Don't worry, I'm working on it. It looks soooooo cute.
  6. Looks great, Love the wallet!
  7. I think it looks really cute! :tup:
  8. I think it looks great. I love all of your accessories. I put my legacy ponytail scarf and my heart luggage charm on my Ali at the same time.
  9. Looks very cute!! leave her the way she is if you love her.. your bag will definately look different from all the rest of the carlys out there
  10. It looks great! I have the animal print pony scarf and the Lock (men's) keyfob on my black leather ali. As long as it makes you happy and brings a smile to your face!
  11. Yup, it looks great. Heres my Carly w/a scarf and that same charm. Good choice!!
    choc carly sig scarf 003.jpg
  12. I think it looks great. I have 3 charms on my carly and if I had a scarf, I'd put that on her too.
  13. If you've got it...Honey, flaunt it!!!:tup:
  14. I like it...I also do the same thing, but I put the charm on the other handle :smile:
  15. I say keep both. It adds personality to your bag and sets it apart from others. It looks great!!