Too Much Paraty Partying?

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I just bought the paraty in cashmere grey, before it arrived I was at the mall and decided I was going to immediately exchange it for the dove color. Since it has arrived I can't bare to return it, because the color is so different than anything I have, and neutral enough to go with anything.
    So here is the dilemma, I'm obsessed with the paraty now, and the dove color. Is it too much two have 2 paratys in light colors? Will they look too similar?
    Thanks in advance!:biggrin:
  2. Two grey colors? One after another? No.

    Since it's your first paraty, enjoy it first and see if it fits in nicely into your lifestyle. You might love it or realize you don't even use it that much. Then decide. By then I would recommend a splash of color, rather than another neutral.

  3. +1:smile:
  4. Both are great colors. Only you can decide if it's different enough that you won't get bored with similar colors. Maybe you could opt for one color in a Marcie or another style Chloe that would give you a little more variety and still give you both colors in your wardrobe.
  5. Do you have a photo of your paraty you could share?
  6. Hi there! I also just bought cashmere grey paraty and LOVE it! Like you said, such a great, sophisticated neutral that matches everything!! I say keep cashmere and exchange for a dove Marcie instead so you still have both colors but have variety with a different style or vice versa!
  7. I do not think Cashmere Grey and Dove are similar in color, the first being a cool, pastel grey-blue, and the second being a beigey taupe. Both colors are beautiful. I definitely think they are different enough that it warrants getting the Dove Paraty as well - especially since you love both the Dove color and the Paraty style. I have a few Paratys in light-medium, neutral colors and I alternate and use all of them. When you know that you love a particular style of bag (such as the Paraty) that you will use time and time again, there is no harm in getting it in a few colors that work well with your wardrobe. :smile:
  8. so pretty!