Too Much Pandora???

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  1. I really got addicted to Pandora these last few months, and I had been wearing one to three bracelets at a time. On my birthday (a few days ago), I decided to wear seven bracelets. It was only supposed to be a spur of the moment "hey, it's my birthday" one-time thing, but I liked it, and have been wearing at least five bracelets everyday since then. Everytime I visit my mom (I see her almost everyday), she tells me it's too much, and that it looks tacky. Before I discovered Pandora, I rarely wore any jewelry except a ring and a pair of studs, so I think my mom is just used to seeing me with less on. I love the look, and noticed I get more compliments when I wear multiple bracelets. Does anyone else wear more than four at a time? What do you think??? (It's about 50/50 with my friends.)
  2. Daily, I wear five braceletsand a heavy watch: a vintage ruby and platinum line bracelet, a triple strand diamond tennis bracelet, silver chain and single diamond chain bracelet and the watch. And occasionally add to that with two Trollbeads bracelets. Yes, that attracts occasional notice but I get a lot of compliments on them.

    If you're comfortable with more bracelets and think it's your style - wear them. Or experiment and try one or two fewer, or in different combinations. Maybe that will make you more comfortable? I think probably you're right - your mom just isn't used to seeing you wear that much jewelry!
  3. I wear 4 bracelets daily - 2 pandora, one tiffany and one that a friend made...if you love it, do it!!!

    No point in having nice things that sit in the box IMO.
  4. Ok, I made up two bracelets: one Pandora and one TB and, good grief, the two together weighed a ton! Now, granted, I wear bigger glass beads than the standard Pandora/TB glass, but even with straight silver/gold, I could never see me with more than two at a time.

    I really think that someone with the right outfit, look and attitude might be able to carry off multiple bracelets (3+), but for me, I could never see beyond two. I'm having a hard time seeing me with more than one (only if the second one had no glass on it).

    Do you have glass beads on them?
  5. Good for you! If you're comfortable wearing them, that's fine. You are the best advertisement for Pandora. Your Pandora store must love you! It is great seeing women wearing multiple Pandora bracelets. I wish more would.

    I wear two Pandoras at time with a two tone white and yellow gold bracelet.

    Would love to see a picture!

  6. 2 vintage gold bangles, 1 gold charm bracelet(that the kids and grands keep adding to)1 ruby tennis bracelet and my watch.
  7. If you feel you have too many I can always wear some for you. :graucho:
  8. Wow! 7?! You must have every bead!

    I wore 2 bracelets for a little while, then I just got annoyed with all the "dangle" so I put all the beads back on one (no more beads will fit) and I wear that on one arm and another bracelet on the other. I hardly ever wear a watch.
  9. i've just started wearing 2 pandora bracelets, and i really like it.. they both arent full yet, but i do have a slightly "chunky" wrist, so more is actually better on me :smile:
  10. I don't have any glass beads on my bracelets yet. I only have one glass bead, which I received as a gift. I think they may make the bracelets look chunkier, but they do add nice color. I will try to post pics of my bracelets soon.