too much nail polish?

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  1. am i hurting my nails by always having nail polish on?
  2. i hope not! i'm a nailbiter, so the only way my nails DON'T hurt (or bleed or split) is if they're polished. i think it's fine.
  3. don't think so..
    my nails are in bad shape if I don't use nail polish cause I'm a biter too like ilzabet.
    nails grow so fast I don't think they can get damaged much.
  4. I always have varnish on (or acrylics) and i thinks its fine, as long as you use a base coat so your nails dont get stained.
  5. a base coat will definitely help. if you are using dark nail polish try not to keep it on that long, overtime it will stain your nails. When my nails get yellowish from dark nail polish, I soak them in bleach (it's probably not good for them), but it gets them white again.
  6. I always wear nail polish; I think it protects my nails. I find if I don't wear it, my nails tend to break a lot.
  7. It can lead to the formation of fungus, but if you don't have that I don't think there's anything to worry about.
  8. I agree, as long as you have a base coat you should be OK.

  9. bleach? :wtf: are u serious? is that safe?

  10. I would think it protects and strenthens the nails. The drawback is the staining. I've had polish on forever, never go without.
  11. I don't think it does. I have my nails painted all the time with no problem. Another way to get stains off your nails is peroxide. The lady that does mine told me to wipe peroxide on stained nails and it works for me.
  12. Whitening toothpaste works to remove nail stains too.. Just get an old toothbrush with some paste & brush your nails.
  13. I am a cosmetologist and polish cannot hurt your nails however if you have acrylics on and they were not applied properly fungus can get underneath and ruin your nail
  14. I'm a nail polish addict. I wear nail polish constantly, and I've never had a problem. I always use a good base coat, especially if I'm wearing darker shades. The base coat will keep your nails from yellowing. There's never too much nail polish for me, I never leave home without it.
  15. Use base coat every time you wear polish and your nails will be ok.