Too much monogram INSIDE my purse???

  1. So my DH got me the mono PTI for Christmas! YEA!:yahoo: It replaced my old raggedy wallet I've had for 10 years. I also have the mono cosmetique. Now when I look in my purse all I see is a big monogram blurr. Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. Lol nope. I mix lines (in my bag today, I have Charms, Vernis, Cerises and white MC). But when I was little, I remember my mom having a Mono bag (either the Speedy or Trocadero), Porte Tresor wallet, Cles and checkbook cover all in Mono also. :p
  3. If it feels too Mono-y for you, jazz it up with a pochette or cles in a bright colored vernis, epi, or MC! But, don't feel bad about having all Mono inside. My best LV-loving friend loves LV but only the Mono. So in her Mono bags she carries a Mono cles, Mono wallet, Mono pochette, and Mono agenda! It all looks good.
  4. I don't have any mono on the inside, just on the outside. On the inside I like to spice things up with pomme vernis. You should try something in a nice vernis color:yes:
  5. I love my sea of mono....
  6. I love my "sea of mono" too! I have the mono cles (just bought yesterday), the mono cosmetic bag, a porte tresor international (mono) and a small mono koala agenda with the rose interior. I think it looks classy to match.
  7. I am also swimming in the sea of mono. I carry a mono pochette, a mono cles, a mono koala wallet and I just got a mono 6 key holder. It does make it harder to find my keys since everything looks the same when I look inside my purse. I wish they made either a vernis or a MC 6 key holder so I had a little splash of something different.
  8. you can never have too much mono!
  9. I also see a sea of mono when I open my purse. I have a PTI, Cosmetic bag and a cles. You can never go wrong with a sea of mono!
  10. I also love my sea of Mono - i like it to 'match'. But i try to spice up my mono with the prints like groom, trunks and bags e.t.c
  11. :yahoo:Today I have my Mono Zippy Organizer, Mono Agenda, Mono Trunks & Bags Complice Cles (holds my phone), Mono Porte Monnaie Rond, Mono i-pod case, Mono Porte Cles Badge and Key Holder (for my keys), Mono Poche Cosmetique, and my Mono Pocket Organizer in my Mono Multiplicite. I can't imagine not seeing Monogram when I open my bag(s).:yahoo:
  12. I have way too much mono in my cosmetic pouch, wallet, agenda, and iphone case!
  13. Et avec ca? I think you WIN!:amuse:
  14. You only have 2 mono accessories in your bag! It's not too much IMO.
  15. I know that's what's so crazy! LOL! Maybe my next piece will be a vernis. It will add some pop in there.