Too much inclusion too soon? Opinions please

  1. Ok, I purchased the inclusion bracelet in grey and parme (new violette) and the inclusion rings in grey, parme and pomme. The price increase happens Wednesday, so I've been contemplating purchasing the inclusion bracelet and ring in framboise (berry). Opinions, suggestions please...thanks
  2. If you love inclusion and can afford it, go for it.
  3. ^ I agree. If you like the items and can afford them, go for it.
  4. ITA w/others, I personally is focusing on getting the bags first as it will be impacted more by the price increase due to the bigger price tag :p:
  5. a woman can never have too many LVs!!
  6. If you love them and your bank account can handle snapping them up before the price increase, then by all means - do so! Inclusion is just lovely. I wish my store had the new colors in before the increase :crybaby:
  7. I have to say that I got my first inclusion piece a few weeks ago, the framboise ring and it is so adorable. I can see how addicting inclusions can be. The color is great, I say if you can afford it and if you are eventually going to get them anyway then go for it before the increase.
  8. I agree with the others. If the price is going up and you can afford to get them before it does...get them!!
  9. ^Yup, I agree. Mostly though they go up about $5. That was what they went up by during the last increase this time last year.
  10. I figured they wouldn't go up much, but when I was at Louis yesterday at South Coast, the SA said on Wednesday the inclusion PM would be 280 instead of 255, so that's why I'm so intense right now.
  11. :tup: