Too much in my ....

  1. Are there others that have this issue with having too much in their wallet?

    I'm in the middle of looking for a new wallet, ( its on its way) fossil. I'm converting from a A louis vuitton PTI that holds my house and then some.

    Anyone else with the issue of having too much stuff in their wallets ?
  2. Yes, so I just forced myself to downsize. Now I use a Lodis Primadonna wallet (it's gorgeous!), and I don't feel so weighed down.
  3. I used to carry a wallet that I could stuff the kitchen sink into. About once a year I would clean out the junk and there would be this pile of papers, coupons, receipts and such on the table.

    Now I carry a smaller Brahmin Credit Card wallet in Toasted Almond. It keeps me pared down and clean.
    BrahminWalletFront.jpg BrahminWalletBack.jpg
  4. Isabella Fiore has some great wallets that hold tons of stuff. I used to have the same problem of not having enough room, but with all of the pockets on my new IF wallet - it's like i have too much room.
  5. right now i'm carrying my new dior wallet it's about the same size as ladysalesrep195's Brahmin. I have so many wallets i want to use its kind of bad... since i keep forgetting to transfer everything from one wallet to another.
  6. no, my wallet is the only item I keep nice and tidy.
  7. Looks like a nice wallet :smile:
  8. Wow that is a down size :smile:
  9. Sounds like a nice wallet, hmm i'm going to check out eBay... thanks
  10. Wow you're lucky!
  11. I clean out the receipts in my wallet once a week. Otherwise, it is a disaster! I don't know the solution to having a jammed wallet...maybe if I had a smaller wallet, I wouldn't put so much stuff in it. I have a Cole Haan burnt orange zip around...and it is like a little filing cabinet in there... We should simplify our lives, get rid of all these cards... I once used a separate credit card wallet and it really solved the big wallet situation. I liked it, because if my wallet ever got stolen, none of my credit cards would be in there. And when you're in a transaction, if you're paying cash, you're not flashing all the cards. And if you're paying with a card, you're not flashing your cash. Hey, I think I'll go back to the credit card wallet again..!
  12. I never seem to have enough card slots, but I have made a point of only carrying the cards I use most now. I also don't carry around anymore of those stupid "customer loyalty" or "rewards" cards that so many stores offer. Most of them don't save you much money or offer decent rewards anyhow. It's seems like the items that are on sale are items I never buy.
  13. My wallet gets very full with receipts and coins -- I need to learn to clean it out more often. I just got an Isabella Fiore wallet on eBay, like Jewlz said, it has a lot of room and nice amount of slots for credit cards. My last wallet was a smaller size and always looked like it was busting out.
  14. My wallet always seems to be bulging. I do go through it from time to time to empty out all the receipts and coins. Carrying a load of coins is what does it. I emptied most of my coins out, and my wallet felt so light.
  15. I was looking at these wallets last night, my issue is the way they close. When you have them filled with cards its it hard to close. I had another wallet that had card slots the same way and closed the same way, when it was fill it wouldnt stay closed it just kept popping open.
    when i stay full i dont mean stuffed, i mean filled with cards, and just a few debit receipts/ and pictures.