Too much hype!!!

  1. What is the biggest over-rated product you can think of? I have one for sure. I hate it, and over and over again, magazines and makeup artists endorse it and say how cheap and great it is. I think it totally sucks.

    Great Lash mascera from Maybelline. :yucky:

    Now, I am not a snot about mascera, because I throw them out and buy new ALL the time. It is the one beauty rule I do not break, ever. (don't want to get eye googlies and I have fairly sensitive eyes so flaking is too much for me to take) Therefore cheapo is ok, if you ask me.:yes:

    I honestly think this is the worst crap I have used. The brush is tiny, the mascera is drippy, I hate it. I can find 10 other (maybe even more) masceras at around the same price point that are WAAAAY better, IMHO. :rolleyes:
    Still, every once in awhile, I fall victim to the hype and buy it again.:Push: :shame:

    What else gets too much hype?
  2. La Mer
  3. Ahh, I have heard GREAT things about La Mer, but never tried anything (other than maybe in Saks, when they put something on me.

    Kiehls is another. I hate evrything I ever bought by Kiehls other than the Pineapple face scrub. The cleansers(tried 2) stunk, atringent(tried 2 of these, too) was sticky and nasty, I hate the tinted balms(gritty and gross). WAY over-rated! I do not get the cult following.:wtf:
  4. I did too. Unfortunately, it's not all that.
  5. La Mer really isnt all that. however, some people are in LOVE with it. it didnt do much for my skin and clogged my pores.
  6. I have to agree. Some people will probably find this sacrilegious, but I use La Mer as hand cream. It works great on my hands, but there is no way I'm putting that stuff on my face:yucky:
  7. I love Great Lash. I like the tiny brush. In fact, I wish it were tinier. Tiny brushes are good. They develop intensive outreach programs to identify shy, timid lashes, and give them assertiveness training.

    I have used it for years, and like it better than others I've tried, both cheaper ones and more expensive ones. One lash's drippy is another lash's nice and wet, so you can put on that second coat without worrying about clumps. Plus it comes in a shade of royal blue that is perfect for dark-eyed brunettes!
  8. OMG lol!!! I always felt the same! I hate it. and yet I keep buying it every few years just cause I wonder if I was mistaken judging cause I keep seeing it in magazines :biggrin:
  9. Yeah, magazines....sneaky little guys....and Shimma, if you like it, I may have a tube to send you!LOL...ick...I think it is truely AWFUL! (plus one time, it DRIPPED on a very nice suit of mine, and I have hated it even more since!)
  10. ^^Me too! I kept thinking they must have improved the formula so I have bought it again after reading the magazine "raves". Nope, same crappy stuff...That makes maybe 3 full tubes I've now tossed in the garbage. I think I'll steer clear regardless of what I read from now on! It's just not for me.
  11. La Mer I AGREE!
  12. Philosphy Hope in a Jar.
    But I do like my Kiehls products
  13. Has anybody tried that new one with the Queen Latifa ads? I can't remember the name of it, Lash Designer or something?

    It seems to be, from reading opinions on other forums, a sort of Amazing Grace of mascara - people really love it, or really hate it.

    djgrl I only like the royal blue flavor, so you can send all the other colors to - oh wait - it seems I am all alone here on Team Great Lash! :biggrin:
  14. Bad Gal mascara from Benefit. I know why it's called "Bad Gal"--after a couple of hours you look like a cheap hooker's "drunk in public" mugshot! Which I found out to my embarrassment a couple of evenings ago when I went to the loo and checked myself out in the mirror.
  15. me too. i thought id love it, but i found the HUGE brush awkward and it staying power is non existant.