Too much "H"???

  1. Is it too much to wear a twilly on your Birkin and a scarf folded and tied around your waist? I planned on wearing the scarf belted on top of a white blouse under a sweater/blazer/jacket. I removed my twilly from my Birkin and thought before I put it away I should ask my tPF girls.
  2. Hard to say without pictures.

    I'm leaning towards ...yes too much, especially if the patterns are obvious or the colors are not the same.
  3. I personally adore the scarfs to be worn either way. I think it could be a fresh theme of an outfit if it's done correctly. But it could be too much if it's very out-there. Very timid colors would be best, or one timid and the other louder to spice up the outfit.
  4. Skinny jeans tucked into black boots. Black Vince baby doll sweater. White button down shirt. The scarf is the black version of Jungle Love and the (clashing) twilly is (I don't know the name) but the black version of the one that has 24 Fbrg Paris France in colorful letters. I am thinking wearing both is a BIT much.
  5. Hmm somehow if you are wearing the scarf as a belt and the Twilly is complementary colors I think it would work. If you wore the scarf around your neck I think it would be too much because you would see so much of it. :shrugs:
  6. I think if you wear the scarf around your waist, it would be better not to use the twilly as well. Just my opinion. Sounds gorgeous!:smile: :heart:
  7. I would stick with only wearing either scarf or twilly, otherwise, the 2 patterns will compete with each other and end up making your outfit look too busy, JMO.
  8. Thank you ladies. Feeling good about the outfit. And my cute black Birkin will just have to stand on her own.
  9. I don't think it's too much. The thing with scarves, twillies, and pocket squares is that people don't know that they're Hermes, unlike belts, bags and anything else that may have H logo on it. I think you'll be fine. :yes:
  10. I am not the fashionista that many here are, but my sense is that it would be too much. Even though less of the scarf may be visible because it is being used as a belt rather than tied at the neck, I believe that the scarf and the twilly, both being so colorful, will compete for one's eye. A French friend of mine once told me that we Americans should learn to do what they do: go to the mirror and take at least one accessory off instead of going to the mirror and adding accessories. I thought these were very wise words. Even without the twilly, your outfit sounds smashing!
  11. That outfit sounds stunning!! I am not completely sure, but I would opt for either the scarf or Twilly, not both. Then again, when you put the outfit on you are the best judge of how it looks :yes:
  12. ^^I agree. Asking advice is one thing but being your own judge in fashion is another thing. Fashion is all about fun. There's nothing wrong having a twilly around your birkin & scarf as belt.
  13. ^^ I agree with Dior24! Try them on and take a look in the mirror. How does it look to you? Too much? Or FAB? Only you can really decide that! And if you DO decide to opt for one or the other, pick the one that really "makes" the look!

    ...and to "dress-up" for GREAT bag...maybe a cute keychain to dangle from your Birkin?...maybe;)
  14. less is more.
  15. Well said Grand Fonds...less is more! When in doubt, leave it out!!!