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  1. Get Out, It's Over!

    Dear Snob,
    I bought the Balenciaga bag in purple for this season. Yesterday, I was out shopping and this soccer mom suburbia housewife was looking at the same bag! What should I do? Should I return it?
    Ain't no Desperate Housewife, Eva
    Dear Eva,
    If suburbia housewives and Lindsay Lohan are coveting the Balenciaga motorcycle bag it's time to get out. Return the "so over" Balenciaga bag and get in on a "so now" Chloe Paddington in Blue Nuit ASAP.
    Love, The Snob

  2. Where is she shopping? The five and dime? Just wondering what "purple" for this season she's talking about...
  3. good question... I wonder if it's the new one coming out? I didn't check the date, but just thought that the whole things was hilarious. Just when everyone thought that Bbags are not "it", they are again with GH:p
  4. perhaps this is from a year ago when lilac was out?
    and btw, who cares if bbags are in or out, they're stylish! We'll wear ours with pride and obsession, as always! :heart::wlae:
  5. and btw, who cares if bbags are in or out, they're stylish! We'll wear ours with pride and obsession, as always!
    /\ /\ /\

    EXACTEMENT! Precisely, nail on the head, on the button. I've just got my very first Bbag, a gorgeous Rouge Vif city, and I'll be wearing her for years to come.... These people are fashion victims, and they wouldn't know true style if it bit them on the backside. So there!
  6. How could Bbags be out? They go with every outfit, every mood, every everything! The paddington just makes your arms ache with it's comparison to the beauty of a Bbag. Bagsnob needs to examine some fashion shows and mags and update herself. JMHO :yes:
  7. WTF? The Paddington hasn't been "so now" for a couple of years.
  8. ^
    That was the first thing that crossed my mind too. =P
  9. Well, if one loves carrying the weight of the padlock and, therefore, ruining their shoulder joints, sure, go ahead and buy that oh-so-now Paddington. Meanwhile, if you want something that's stylish, understated, and fashionably ubiquitous, buy a Balenciaga! :mad: :rant:

    OK, off my soapbox... :closed:
  10. Are you sure that this wasn't a REALLY OLD post??? Besides ... if she gets the Chloe Paddington, she better run immediately to the Drug Store and buy a BIG bottle of Advil for her aching shoulder!
  11. Carrying a Paddington is like carrying around a ball and chain.....the bag's so heavy you could kill a mugger with it. Bbags epitomize the spirit of freedom....and they're so light to carry. :yahoo:
  12. This is a super old post. I read it over a year ago and was so offended, being that I AM a suburbia SAHM of 3 ( I had 3 kids before I was 25, and yes they all have the same father of which I am still married too. DS, 8 years old, DD, 7 years old, DD will be 4 on the 25th!) I thought that the post was really disgusting. Just because you give birth it doesn't mean that every ounce of your fashion sense goes away. Puuulease. Sorry, am I being defensive?! Annnywhooo.. Old post.
  13. LOL sooo funny
  14. Shasta,
    Cheers!!! I agree with you completely. I am a mother of three also and I have always been interested in fashion.
    I work very hard at being looking nice. Does living in the suburbs mean you have to look dumpy?
    I don't think so...
  15. Just a thought.....could you imagine how heavy a Paddington weekender would be? :shocked: You'd load it up and never be able to get it off the floor!