Too much for cerises cles? Should I wait?

  1. I have been saving up for my wapity for a while now (I will finally have enough money this tuesday) But of course I know that I do want a cerises cles. I found one in excellent condition for $325, first off, is that too much? I'm very anal about my lv's and hate the idea of ANYTHING used, but in this case I'm willing to make an exception because there's no other way I can get cerises at this point in time and i LOVE cerises...should I buy my wapity and wait on the cerises or spend my saved up money on the cerises?! AHH! I don't know!'s driving me much did the cerises cles retail for?
  2. I would get a Cerises Cles first and then get a Wapity... The Wapity will always be available, and the Cerises Cles might go up a bit more in price on eBay...

    I might get a Cerises Cles soon as well!!! It's just a bit used and for about... $200 + shipping? :biggrin:
  3. well then should i look a little for a better deal? you found one for $200?!?!
  4. Yeah... but it's in a used condition... :sad: I'm still waiting on the pics though...

    Hmmm... well if you really need the Cerises Cles, I'd just go ahead and buy the one you're looking at now. But if you're willing to wait a bit for a good deal to pop up on eBay, I'd just go ahead and get the Wapity first.
  5. yeah, i dunno, i really want my wapity but at the same time i know that i will eventually be like "i need a cerises cles!" and as already stated i hate the whole used idea becasue i'm the type of person who babies the hell out of my stuff and so i would need an extremely good condition one...which i found...ahh! I dunno, when i get my check on tuesday, I guess I'll have to make the desicion, I'm just afraid of the wapity going up with the next price increase (isn't there gonna be one in jan?)
  6. I heard there was going to be one in January... but I dunno. :shrugs:

    Good luck on your decision.
  7. A brand new one cles in mono canvas is $150.
    I saw some used cerises cles going for $270 and up.

    Also I saw soooo many fakes (coming with tags and everything)
    So I wouldn't risk anything.
  8. That one is in incredible condition! It's not a bad deal IMO!
  9. Just saw the $325 cerises cles, it's made in spain, for that price I would get a made in france.
  10. ^^^ What would be the chances of finding another Cerises Cles in a mint condition and being made in France?

    Also just a random question: How would the location of where the Cerises Cles being made make a difference? :confused1:
  11. Yeah, doesn't matter much to me where it's made? :shrugs: I know it does to others though!

  12. Yes, what is the difference? I am the type of person that could care less if it was made in Spain or France. Is there something we don't know? :shrugs:
  13. I know but so many people menion that all the time I was jus pointing out that the mint one on ebay was made in spain. At the end it's the same thing.

    I personally don't care but other pfers do. they always hope to receive a made in france bag instead of made in USA.
  14. ^^^^ Ahhh... thanks for clearing that up. :upsidedown:
  15. If it's in excellent shape and real, yeah, I'd fork out $325 for the cles and get the wapity later...unless u want to wait for a brand new one to pop up on ebay but that'd probably cost u more than $325...