Too much for a ciao?

  1. i've been eyeing this paradiso ciao on evilbay.

    it has every character that i like on it. super perfect placement for me. girl w/pug, reflection flower, sushi boy, girl w/ monkey, boy showering under cloud AND little boy brushing his teeth.

    it's so cute but i'm not sure if i should spend $40 over retail for it.

    oh! if only i'd gotten paradiso when it was in my hands on sale at urban outfitters ( ex bf talked me out of it:cursing:)

    should i take the plunge for perfect placement? i'm planning to buy 3 bags in the next few days so i have the money for it.....
  2. I've been eyeing that ciao, too! (But don't worry - I just purchased an amore stellina/arancia zucca the other day... so I won't steal :3) I think that if it has your perfect print placement, you should go for it. $140 isn't really that bad~ If you know you're going to love it to pieces, then it's worth every cent!
  3. i suppose. i'll have to call SH first tho. i know the have paradiso ciaos for 90, but they might not be this perfect!
  4. That's a good idea~ SH is always very helpful, too, so I'm sure they'll help you if you ask what characters are on it and everything :yes:
  5. good luck with whatever u decide neeecole!! :tup:

    I'e paid over retail before ...well like a lot over retail so $40 more isn't too bad :smile:
  6. Better decide quick've got till Friday to call SH cuz remember they won't take phone orders on the weekend O__O That one on evilbay is very cute though..ahhh what to do, what to do lolz...
  7. ooh that's right .. forgot about the whole SH weekend thing
  8. i got mine a few months ago from SH and i think i LOVE the placement :smile: lindsey and diane are very's what i got from SH!
    front ciao paradiso.jpg back ciao paradiso.jpg
  9. oooh! thats super cute! i love the placement!

    i just got a tutti ciao from pulse today, so i think i'm gonna skip and hold out til i find a perfect paradiso zucca.
  10. The Ciao is $120 retail, so it's more like $25 over retail if that makes it better.:rolleyes::shrugs:
  11. i paid 170 for a playgroung ciao so dont feel bad haha
  12. I've paid almost $100 over retail before for my perfect placement. :shame: Go for it if you really love it, you can always sell it if you find another one you like even better. And if you don't find one you love better, then you have the first one.
  13. OMG, it's so adorable!! Go for it!
  14. If you love it, go for it...

    as for your bf talking you out of that bag on sale at Urban Outfitters.....ALWAYS SHOP ALONE!!!!
  15. Or with friends that will talk you into stuff.