Too Much Don Perignon & Champagne Jelly Leaves Beyonce 'Boozylious'

  1. 29th September 2006

    It looks like boozy Beyonce enjoyed a bit too much of the bubbly as she collapsed into the back of her chauffeur driven Bentley after celebrating her boyfriend's birthday.
    The 25-year-old Bootylicious singer looked like she was ready to turn a shade of green to match her dress.
    •The £100,000 party for Jay-Z was at London's trendy Mo*vida nightclub, where the rapper and Beyonce knocked back vintage Dom Perignon and champagne jelly.

  2. Sleeping it off in a Bentley beats sleeping if off propped up against your toilet seat any day of the week! LOL!
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  4. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I hope she had FUN!! Nothing like a good night out!!!
  5. LOL!! She looks great, I've never seen her do the rock a fella sign LOL!
  6. LOL Looks like she was really enjoying herself! Bet she had a huge hangover the next day. LOL
  7. shes soo sweet
  8. LOL!!

    is she wearing stockings???
  9. Looks like it and she has a run in her stockings.:lol:

    She is such a pretty girl though.:heart:
  10. LOVE HER!!!:love: She looks adorable EVEN when tipsy!!!:tispy: :nuts:
  11. Awww go Beyonce, I hope she had fun.
  12. okay, what the heck is Champagne Jelly?
  13. Jelly in the UK is what the US people call Jello; I guess they set it in champagne.

    Beyonce has got to be the best-lookign drink celeb, but it's funny how Jay-z's not even looking in her direction though...
  14. she is still so beautiful, even when drunk and passed out... i've never seen anyone look that good. looks like a fun night, good for her!
  15. great pics, PM! Thanks:love:

    I love that green on her