Too much Britney!!!

  1. So I always hit this section first or second in my daily tPF travels...and I happen to see Britney, Britney, Britney, Britney...4 stories in a freaking row!!! It is no secret, that I cannot stand this girl, but enough already!! 4 different threads about this girl?!?! I'm not dissin' any of my fellow PF'ers, but it just amazes me that this girl has enough time to get her name out there over and over again! Why can't she become a humanitarian like Angelina?? She has so much time, why can't she make the right choices and just do some good with her life already??? Some say she's crazy, some say she's lost it and needs professional help (don't think that's going to do ANY good), some say it's a media stunt but whatever it is...I can't take it anymore!!! My heart breaks for just a few...her kids and her family. How dare she.
  2. Well she hired a manager, so this could be somewhat positive news. If she doesn't fire him in a week, which seems to be the trend.
  3. ^^ I agree
  4. I think it's more amazing that people have this much time to devote to HER, not the other way around. This thread is just doing the same. ;)
  5. There is all sorts of media attention for her being a mess... it will keep coming until she just somewhat dies down and doesn't give them anything to snap about. Dress in a covering white tee shirt and jeans and don't open your mouth and don't do anything wrong... people will begin to find you boring.
  6. you are doing exactly what you are complaining about.
  7. Oh girls! I was just having a little fun!! :girlsigh:
  8. Maybe I should have added, "Thanks for letting me vent"! :yes:
  9. Totally understandable! I too have become really sick of all the Britney posts. I am on ONTD and used to read every Britney post there was. Now I find myself scrolling past them.

    Today I saw a post about her getting with some 21 year old college student and there are pictures of her topless in a hotel swimming pool with him. I didn't even click on the thread to see the additional photos. It's just too much!