Too much attention with LVs????

  1. I was in a little friendly store that I buy inexpensive clothes at...I have been going there for a year or two...and became pretty friendly with the owner...

    The other day, she said that she liked my big I rambled on about how I like my bags big and blah blah...when she said..."Well, the LV is a good bag....looks like you can fit alot, its nice" From there I felt uncomforable......See I almost forgot that it was an LV...if you know what I mean.....

    And price came up and since we are friendly we talked alittle about it.but the more we felt for the first time....annoying and bothersome...

    This thing...a bag...on my shoulder seems to get attention sometimes and the more I carry it...Im not liking it......its funny that with my Prada bags...I dont get the same attention at all....I almost regretted buying the darn thing...

    Now Im thinking that maybe Ill just stick to the less attention getting Prada Nylons.....what do you guys I over reacting?
    **sorry that its so long**
  2. I wouldn't worry about it to much.:smile:

    It sound like she was admiring your and and your sense in fashion. When the price subject came up -- I'm sure she knew it was up there....but was just confirming it herself.
    At least your bag wasn't complimented as a fake. This happened to me and she didn't even know the "name" of the purse that was supposed to be a fake!

    Wear it & wear it proud!:yahoo:
  3. She was saying it´s nice, why are you annoyed? Maybe get something really not LV-like (like black epi?) if you don´t like any kind of attention.
  4. I too don't like it when people I don't really know tell me, OMG, that's a LV, they're expensive, how much was it, yada yada... They take guesses that are no where near the price, so I usually just say something like that. I love talking about LV but not when it comes to the price.
  5. i don't think LV bags get more attention than any other designer bags...

    maybe it just depends on who ur talking to :smile:
  6. Thanks guys....I feel better.....:shame: Just dont know what to do in such situations I guess....
  7. hum dont get me wrong.. but aren't you happy that other people also think that your bag is a good bag?

    my main reason of getting LV is so that i can show off - so compliments are always welcome..
  8. I'm not a show-offy kind of person, so I can relate to the way you're feeling. Most of the time I like to fly under the radar. I have one Mono bag now that I love, but in general I prefer Damier -- for that reason. I've noticed that my Balenciaga bags (which are every bit as pricey as LV) get very little attention, which is more comfortable for me.
  9. Asking the price is a sort of polite way of asking if the bag is real. That and the "did you get it at Neimans?" (or fill in another store) I've seen Kelly's, Vuittons, and Balenciaga's that all looked great, but were bought from flea markets and purse parties. Of all, the "designer" purses I seen parade through the store I work in, only 2 were real. A red epi LV Alma, and a YSL Muse.

    She was probably just admiring your bag. Maybe planning a LV purchase herself.
  10. I wouldn't worry.
  11. I personally don't mind the attention the bag gets, I also don't like talking about the price though...
  12. If you're going to walk around with a great bag, this will happen. Same thing with a great pair of shoes, or coat. I've occasionally admired a part of someone's wardrobe, asked where they purchased it, even on occasion inquired as to the price. I've also had people approach me. This type of encounter is also not specific to designer items. I personally don't mind chatting with someone about these things. If they're too focused on the price, that is uncomfortable.

    I once saw a gal with a Paddington, and spent a few minutes with her. I even asked her if it was real. It was very friendly. So much about these conversations is how they are approached.
  13. When someone asks me about prices and I feel a little uncomfortable, I usually say that it was a gift from dh.
    If the conversation is comfortable, then I tell all. :lol:
  14. I think your lv's are beautiful, but if you're uncomfortable with your lv, then maybe you should carry nylon Prada. Use your lv when you're in an upscale shop and carry your lesser known bags everywhere else. :smile:
  15. I wouldn't worry about it. She was probably admiring the bag and wanted one for herself too. As for changing to the prada bags.. I wouldn't if you want to rock your LV then... Rock on Girlie!!!