Too mismatched?

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  1. I wanna use my white and brown hs satchel but is this mismatched if I wear black skirt and red t? I need to buy some brown skirts!
  2. If that is the bag you want to carry I say go for it! I'm not a huge matchy matchy person though
  3. White (Neutral)
    Black (Neutral)
    Brown (Warm)
    Red (Warm)

    You should be fine. :biggrin:
  4. I personally wouldn't wear that together, I think it would clash. But if you don't care then go for it!
  5. I'm funny about mixing brown and black...I don't do it! Maybe it's just me though.
  6. my best friend makes fun of me because I refuse to mix black and brown and she does it alll the time
  7. I don't wear black and brown together myself, but when I see it on other people, I often think it really works. Go figure! :shrugs:
  8. mom (major fan of What Not To Wear) she says it you'll look hot!
    she also said the saying "black and brown make a frown"...doesn't apply anymore!:P
  9. Thanks ladies as always! I think I can pullthis off if I switch 2 a white top so it is one fewer colour
  10. Nope. I wear black & brown together all the time!!
  11. I never actually thought about it, but I don't wear black and brown together either. I guess unconsciously I just knew it was wrong?
  12. #12 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Black and brown is one of my fave color combinations and I've never gotten funny looks but even compliments in fact...different strokes, for different folks that's all!
    I say wear what you like and rock it! :rochard:
  13. I think bags are a fashion statement not an accesory so roll with it, if you love it!
  14. I personally don't like to mix black & shades of brown - at all -, but that's just me. If you don't care, they go for it
  15. I so go for it. Black, brown, and white are all neutral shades.