Too "mature" for a cadena?

  1. OK so now that I have my bags, I am already thinking about accessories. I'm heading toward mid 40s and wondering if cadenas look ok on a woman of my ...ahem... maturity?
    I honestly don't know these things so please be brutally honest. I don't want to look silly!:p :shrugs: :s
  2. well i am in the same state as you and i would love to know too
  3. No way!!! The cadenas are a fun but elegant touch. Stacey you could definately carry it off.
  4. I'm pretty sure shopmom has a cadena and she always looks FABULOUS!
    If she does it then don't worry. :yes:
  5. :shame: Thank you, Kismet. :shame:

    Rocker......I have a cadena dangling from every bag EXCEPT my vintage bags. Heart on my Rouge H Birkin, Pegasus on my Noisette Kelly, Elephant on my Barenia Trim, Sailboat on my Togo Birkin, Heart Chain d'Amour keychain on my HAC, Pelican AND Sunflower on my Bolide!!!!

    ....and I'll be 50 this year.........

    I say go grab that Gold Heart Cadena and wear it proudly!!!! It'll look smashing on your new baby!
  6. That is definitely an endorsement from Shopmom! I think cadenas are a fun (affordable) way to add to your H collection! Go for it!
  7. I am right where you are (mid-forties)... What are you thinking!?!?!?! The cadena has nothing to do with age or maturity. They are a lovely addition. Consider maybe a sailboat...
  8. most definitely can Rock a cadena !!!!!
  9. Here's Togo with the Pelican........(put it on the Bolide and replaced it with the Sailboat)


    here's what happens if you overdo it............:p
    _MG_2945B&me2.jpg _MG_3273B&stuff.jpg
  10. Shopmom, you look amazing!!!!
  11. ShopMom wow what a beautiful colour combo! That first picture is really smashing. I'm in love!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Shomom, fabulous as always. I guess it's a very personal thing. I definately could not pull off cadenas (much as I adore them). Nothing to do with age, it's just a statement about oneself.
  13. Mid-forties isn't mature! I thought you were going to say you were mid-eighties - that's mature! I'm early thirties and would never think someone is too old for a cadena! I think, no matter your age, cadenas just add a bit of personality to the bag. Go for it!:yes:
  14. Same... I think the cadenas are fun and look amazing on others! But...I know that I am not a cadena the traditional lock... :shame:
  15. and that's the right answer. it has nothing to do with age. it's a matter of personal style. i think the cadenas look very fun at absolutely any age.