Too matchy matchy?

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  1. I have Grey tall boots and a big Grey shopper style purse that matches perfectly. Will it look okay? I am not sure if its too old school to match like that especially if its not the classic black or brown.
  2. I think its fine to match shoes and purse. I just wouldn't have my clothes all the same colour. One shade from head to toe doesn't work for me.
  3. personally i don't usually do it but i've seen it done. i think the look is fine. purse color match to my shoes today (navy blue)...i didn't realize it until i read your thread. :lol:
  4. no, it's fine. since it's neutral i see nothing wrong with it
  5. just bag and shoes matching isn't too matchy matchy to me :smile:
  6. ^I completely agree. :smile: This thread reminded me of my friend who was like so shocked when I bought brown boots 'oh my gawd why did you buy brown boots if you never wear brown clothes' :P
  7. not too matchy matchy at all - sounds lovely to me (^(oo)^)v
  8. The question of matchy matchy is on my mind. What about wearing shoes in the exact same fabric of the dress. I mean like they literally took the left over fabric of the dress and made shoes. Do-able?
  9. lol
  10. its absolutely ok to mix match imo
  11. that sounds kind of 80s bridemaid-y to me. i'm having visions of dyeables, ha.
  12. I looked up images of 80's bridemaids and had a good laugh!
  13. It doesn't sound bad... I wouldn't do it with a red bag and shoes but with something that is a "normal" color for shoes like gray or brown I think it's pretty unavoidable at times to end up with a matching purse/shoes.
  14. I get a kick out of having a bag that matches my boots. I almost bought a BCBG bag solely because it matched a pair of boots. lol As long as the rest of your outfit has different colors you are fine. As another poster mentioned looking monochromatic is when you've hit that matchy matchy overload.

    That would seem weird to me.
  15. I love matching my shoes and bags ;)