Too matchy matchy?

  1. (I think this belongs in shoes b/c its all about my shoes :p)

    I'm thinking about getting this bag:


    To go with these shoes that I have (the red ones):


    Is that too boring? I would likely wear it with a black dress or jeans with a black or maybe black and metallic top. I sort of like matching though. Its in again, right? :roflmfao:
  2. They're both red suede, not sure they'll be a perfect match though.
  3. Yea, it really matches. I would do a different color bag or shoe. Especially since your dealing with suede. So many color variations, and if they are off a little, it will probably bother you. I know it would for me. Good luck!
  4. I'm personally not a fan of matching shoes and bags, although I do own a few matching pairs I NEVER wear them together. However, it depends on how it all looks with what you're wearing, they're both cute, just maybe not at the same time.
  5. I probably wouldn't wear a red bag and red shoes at the same time. One or the other would be enough bright color for me. But, they're both pretty!
  6. Ok, good points. I think I'll pass on the clutch esp. since they might be off a little. LOL, if they were a set I'd still wear them together!
  7. I love matching shoes and bags. I think the clutch and red shoes would be beautiful together :shame:
  8. If you wearing a black outfit.. I think those red heels and a silver vintage clutch would pair up nicely.:heart: (It looks fab, I've done it..)
  9. My general rule of thumb for "matching" bags and shoes is you're going to match color, do not match texture. For instance, if I were going to do the red suede shoes, I'd definitely leave out the red suede bag, and especially so if the rest of your ensemble is monochromatic. If you really wanted to do the red suede shoes with a red bag, choose one with a print, or of a different texture, or a red in a shade that is a few shades darker or lighter.

    By the same rule of thumb for matching either color or texture, if I were going to do the brown suede shoes, depending on the rest of the outfit, I wouldn't rule out doing a red suede bag.
  10. ^^ Oooo...good tips fateful! I'm always so worried about this that I never take any risks, but I think I'll try matching texture.
  11. May be "too much" and if it is not a perfect match, the reds can clash (even if of different textures). It will look like someone tried matching the reds but is not quite "there" with the colors.

    Reds are meant as "solo" focus pieces, you really do not want the focus shifting between shoes and bag.