Too matchy-matchy?

  1. Ever since I have gotten into handbags (which, considering the fact that I am 41-was very recently)-I have this thing where the color of my wallet and the color of my car key ring (I keep my car keys separate from my other keys)-has to match. For example-I just bought a red Jones NY bag from another PF'er-now, I am obsessing about what color key ring to use with it and thinking I should find myself a red one (I already have a lovely red Latico Leathers wallet). :blink:

    Is this too much? Does anyone else do this? Do I need help?:unsure:
  2. I actually prefer that my bags and wallet NOT match, but that's just me.

    I think there was a similar thread on this a month or so ago? Seems like the answers were split.
  3. Do you move your keys to a new key ring each time you change bags or do you just keep multiple sets of keys? Too much hassle for me. I carry the same keys and wallet everyday. I'm doing well to change bags and get out the door for work in the morning.
  4. I have too many bags to start matching wallets, key rings, etc. I could never afford to buy a wallet for every bag. I have only three wallets that are different sizes. I use the wallet that fits in the bag I'm wearing. I don't carry any keys.
  5. I move the keys onto a different key ring-but, it is just my car keys I do thsi with-so, that is only 2 keys. My house keys stay put. Guess I am getting a little crazy with this-LOL!

    Those of you who use the smae wallet with all-what color wallet is it-and what sort of variety of colors are your handbags?
  6. We all have our little obsessions..whether we admit to them or not! :nuts:

    I think if you like to match your key ring to your wallet and it's not a hassle for you...go for it!

    As for what color key ring would work best with a red wallet...I'm thinking either red or black. There are lots of fun key rings out there. And they're cheaper than bags! :lol:
  7. My wallet is a deep red Coach. I have bags in sooo many colors . . . let's see . . . my newest are white, sage green and pale yellow (like corn meal) - all FURLA . I also have an apple green IF, purple MJ, red Cole Haan tote, red Coach, sky blue Lambertson, ice blue Furla, black Furla, brown/black Ralph Lauren and probably some others I'm not remembering. I like to use bags to add color to my outfits but I've never thought about matching the bag and wallet.

    My wallet is red just because it's my favorite color. :P
  8. You need help (stated with great kindness and empathy)...we all do! :biggrin:

    I went to Nordies today and dropped $1200 on a new Mulberry. Apparantly the SA didn't care for my wallet, and suggest a $400 matcher. As my husband would say: not just no, but hell no! :nuts:
  9. Definately carry what you like and enjoy. As for me, my stuff doesn't match...but I'm just that kind of person... :smile: