Too many white bags?

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  1. i went a little crazy the past three months buying Chanel bags! I got the 19c white jumbo and the boy with pearls.. And the iridescent coco handle!

    Then yesterday I saw this round fuzzy cutie on Instagram and ended up ordering it over the phone today.. Should I have gotten it in the raspberry color?? Or is the white different enough to justify.. I do love the white!!

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  2. Here it is styled, although I do think the red here might be different from the raspberry one?

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  3. I don’t think that’s too many whites! It seems that white is most people’s black and one can never have too many black bags. It’s what makes you happy! How do you protect them from stains and weather? Are you super careful?
  4. I vote for the white. And your jumbo... SWOON!!!
  5. Never too many whites! White, black and grey are my absolute fave colors
  6. I absolutely love white bags but don’t actually own any! I’m really scared of colour transfer and getting them dirty. White is a great neutral just like black and they all look amazing on you.
  7. Haha, as soon as I ordered the white I starting wondering if I should've ordered the raspberry !! And I'm just as careful! I'm paranoid about being foundation on them.. But I just make sure I have clean hands before touching.
  8. Thank you!! The white jumbo is definitely my new favorite bag at the moment. Still wish I jumped on the medium in white when it first came out!!
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  9. Thank you so much :heart: i agree, white bags are stunning! Just a little scary haha. I haven't used them much since I have a newborn.. But I'm waiting for the day that I can take them out more often!
  10. Is this available to order in the boutiques??? Or is this an old model? Thank you so much! Both such pretty colors!
  11. Hi! It came out in thr 19c collection, but I was able to order it from the boutique in Hawaii just yesterday. If you're interested in one I cab send you my sa info! ;)
  12. Love white bags...almost pulled the trigger on the irridescent mini coco handle...but am still thinking about it. Overall, I'd vote for the raspberry - its so cute! The red one is as well.
  13. Thank you so much! :heart:
  14. They're both too cute :sad: if only I could have both!

    Side note- would it be weird to wear this bag in the summer..?
  15. Foundation, and I worry about sunscreen on my arms, too...