Too many wallets?

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  1. I've been hearing so many great things about the insolite wallet and it looks like the summer 2014 line includes an Azur insolite with the Articles de Voyage print and beautiful navy interior.

    But then I ask myself, do I really need another wallet? I recently got a Pomme d'Amour Sarah wallet to give my 1.5 year DE zippy compact wallet a break. I also own a fuchsia epi zippy coin purse for my smaller bags. I can't quite justify purchasing the insolite wallet and is a bit concerned about the cards slipping out from the card slot over time. From my research, the cards slipping out is a minor issue for the most part.

    What are everyone's thoughts? How many wallets do you own?

    All suggestions are welcome, thank you!
  2. I have the insolite organizer I love my wallet. The cards do not slip out at all. Good luck with your decision.

  3. Too many wallets is silly for me. I hate not using all of my slgs at once so I make sure to not overbuy. I have a few extra wallets that I change out but I think you have the perfect amount already!
  4. Is the insolite organizer larger than the regular insolite?

    Thank you! I do eventually want to get something in empreinte leather. I like to have at least one item from each material/print line for collection sake, haha.
  5. i love wallets - l own 4 Zippys
  6. I saw this one in the Store at the weekend and it is beautiful!!
  7. If you want another wallet - then get it.
    As long as you use it - it's not a waste of money.

    I only have one.
    For me, a wallet is so expensive because it is small in size compared to a whole bag - I rather prefer to have one wallet & more bags
  8. ITA with the above post ^^^^ that if you are using it, another wallet is not a waste of money. If you will rotate and give your others a break as you said, then it will be worth it. With proper care, LV wallets can last for years, but I don't think that owning 2 wallets and a coin purse is excessive. Currently I have 2 full size wallets to rotate and the Insolite Coin Purse, and this is a good amount for me considering I only use the ICP for travel or sometimes in a small bag.

    There are some great new colors for spring in the Insolite! Good luck in deciding.:smile:
  9. I love wallets!!! My first LV purchase was the IKAT Insolite wallet in RI. I am also thinking about getting the S/S 2014 Azur Adventure Insolite b/c I love my IKAT Insolite so much. I also want a MC noir Insolitr before its gone. The Insolite wallet is so functional and I just picked up the chain extender last week and I feel in love with the wallet all over again. Great to use as a wristlet for a night out or wkd shopping. My cards have never slipped out. I rotate the IKAT with my mono Sarah and my Empreinte Infini Zippy. Like my beginning statement, I love wallets!!!
  10. I have been having a major wallet buying problem lately so if I were to say not to get it, I would be a hypocrite :P Do it! It seems like azur would be a nice addition and with navy interior, it sounds adorable!
  11. I say go for it! A girl can never have too many wallets ;)
  12. I love,love,love my Insolite wallet! It's great because you can use it as a regular wallet as well as a clutch, and it is very different than the rest of your wallets which is enough of a justification to get your LE Azur Insolite. I think you will love it, GL deciding!
  13. I have 2 wallets -- the Azur Zippy and the Curieuse in Jaipur. I did have a vernis wallet but experienced some transfer, and that was enough to turn me off to vernis.

    There is definitely another Curieuse in my future. I love the Empreinte wallets and just love having a leather wallet. It has worn amazingly well.

    I don't need more than a couple. I think it's smart to choose wallets that transition between bags, unless you want a wallet for each bag. I'm not on that plan; too much stuff that way!:biggrin:
  14. Well said!
  15. Too many. The Insolite is my favorite though. It is so functional.