Too many wallets - which to keep?

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  1. I've amassed too many wallets and its time to let some go. I have two French Purses, one in Monogram and one in Mandarin Epi. Which would you keep? :confused1:
  2. Mandarin epi :tup:
  3. Mandarin Epi! So pretty!
  4. Keep the mandarin one..the monogram one can be too boring sometimes! But it's a classic though. Tough choice! :smile:
  5. Mandarin!
  6. mandarin!
  7. the mandarin epi is bright, fun and more unique! its a keeper for sure!
  8. i'd keep the mandarin epi one. :yes:
  9. mandarin!
  10. Keep the mandarin epi!
  11. definitely the MANDARIN!!!
  12. I am a sucker for mandarin epi.

    && mandarin oranges ha :biggrin:
  13. Vote for Mandarin here too!
  14. Definitely the mandarin. It's such a yummy color.
  15. Mandarin!!!!