too many unused bags? Anyone else feel this way...

  1. I know that many of us are fickle when it comes to our bags and often end up on the never ending cycle of buy and sell (or for some buy and buy :angel: ). Just recently, I decided I had too many unused impulse bags in my collection. I have decided to weed it out in hopes of creating a small quality collection instead. Here's what I plan to keep:

    1. Balenciaga blue india day/hobo (my fun bag)
    2. my mono speedy 30 (a classic)
    3. my black chanel cambon tote (with white CCs)
    4. my damier speedy 30 (great all weather bag)
    5. a cute vintage clutch that I've had for years and use for weddings and fancy events

    With the exception of a hermes bag (which I will get someday), I can't think of any other bag that I might need. This collection leaves me with both shoulder and hand-carried bags. It also provides neutrals and a pop of color.

    Other han a few that I am in the process of selling, I am going to donate/give the rest of my bags to friends and the nearby battered women's shelter.

    Anyone else in the same position?
  2. good idea to downsize! and thats very generous of you to donate and give to your friends.. so what is it you are going to get rid of?? make sure you wont miss them!!
  3. No, you're a bigger person then me, I don't think I could let any of them go :Push: I think it's very sweet of you to donate and give them away.
  4. I have given/donated a few of my bags too! Its a nice way to give to someone less fortunate.
  5. this is actually where I am able to display some self control. I won't buy or keep a bag that I know I won't use frequently. I don't 'collect' them or anything.
    I like to just have the staple colors and if I decide I want a new black one, it'll have to be better than the one I already have as I don't need 2 of them really!
  6. Oooh addictedtopurses...Do you want give to me some bags?..I'm a poor student!!! I'm joking..
    You are great.. Your is a noble deed..:yes: :king:
  7. I've done the same thing as you - sold or given away extras, and now like I Swanky, I won't buy unless it's something I know I can use (I don't collect either)... I've also been selling my lower end designers over the years as I've gotten more high end, and that's kept my collection to bags that I use at least once a month. I've trimmed down to 7 that I use regularly, and am hoping to acquire a few other staples - another Chanel flap, a BV woven bag, a Kelly, and hopefully another Birkin over the next few years.
  8. I hear ya. I think the older you get, the wiser you get to what suits your needs. I think it is great that you are donating to your friends.
  9. I've been thinking that as well ... so now I'm trying to downsize my collection. So far I've sold or given away 9 bags but unfortunately I've also bought 8 bags as well. LOL I'm working on it:smile:
  10. It's a process, isn't it? :smile:
    I am working on this myself. I am selling about 6, but plan to buy 2 more.
  11. I've actually never had a problem with self control when it comes to bags. I HATE having something I don't use, whether it clothes or bags. So I sloughed off everything except a longchamp tote, and two lesportsacs and a mj zip pouch. I either gave away or am in the process of selling. I'm in the process of getting a clutch from coachs anniversary line, and then hoping to get the valentine hobo if chanel makes something like this in late winter/spring. In a couple of years I will get a east west or classic flap and most likely another tote.
  12. I've bought WAY too many in the past. Most of my unused bags go to my sister and niece (who is the only 11 year old in her school to carry a mini Silverado) or I sell them.
    I'm trying to keep to 'The Six Bag Rule' - if I want to buy another bag, one of the six has to go.
    This just might work...the bags I plan to keep are
    Two x Balenciaga First
    Fendi Spy
    Chanel 2.55
    LV Vernis Houston
    Fendi Baguette
    and I can't imagine parting with one to buy another.
    We'll see....
  13. what is the six bag rule? besides obviously only keeping 6 bags, but is like each bag dictated to a specific purpose?
  14. Nope - it's just six bags!
    I resell my bags at a dress agency and the owner suggested this rule to me - she had a worse habit than mine and this has made her look at whether she REALLY wants a new bag - you know, having to replace one of the six that she loves.
    I'm hoping it'll work for me, too...
  15. Oh god yes it hurts - but I love them all - even if I'm just looking at them :s

    I'm a college student and at school I'm rough on my bag - so I use my large black Coach hobo. Bags being unused:
    (1) 05 black balenciaga city
    (2) LV mono speedy 30
    (3) LV mono cabas piano
    (4) LV mono partition
    (5) Large burberry clutch
    (6) LV mono wapity (it was my fave over the summer for bar hopping - but school is so damn time consuming :cursing:)
    (7) Large brown coach hobo

    Over breaks I rotate alot - like if I have a week off, or in the summer I rotate all the time! But with school it's too much of a hassle. *Sigh* I miss using my bags :sad: