Too many toys.

  1. Woohoo! This is my lucky week, Mozzarella finally came. :push:

    His milk carton is HUGE and so cute.


    You can see it compared to the cactus box, so tall. :wtf:


    He has little blue and pink lattes inside his box, and some bullets, I had no idea, I opened it and I was like... :love:
  2. wow, you have them all huh? lolz....i've only got polpettina, 2% milk & baby
  3. Where did you order from? So cute! I only have a couple moofia members.
  4. Jessaka, get more, it's so much fun.

    Panda- I got them from eBay, 21$, w/o shipping, 29$ with. =]
  5. Too cute! I :heart: Mozarella the most!
  6. cute!!! mozzarella is my fav. :heart: I wasn't going to get the minions, but now I might have too... they are still cute even though I feel like they aren't the best quality toys...
  7. Dang, idk...I can't see paying more than $10 including shipping for any of those minions lolz...that's why I only have a few. Idk, they're so small...they shouldn't cost so much lol.
  8. I don't like the plastic they're made of either, if I had the mozzarella first maybe I wouldn't have gotten those, but... I did, and I love them :heart:.

    mrsjimmyh - He's working his way up, he's my second favourite after the cactus dogs.