Too many spy bags

  1. Hi All. I'm brand new to this forum - but am a true handbag addict if that helps any. I just went on a wild tear of having to have a Fendi spybag... Bid on several on ebay and ended up winning 2: a black and a white. When they arrived I discovered I just don't like them much -- too big for my tastes, I guess. Now what should I do? I know there is a HUGE controversy over authentic Fendis, and "of course" both my auctions said they were authentic... Do I just go back on ebay and resell them, learn to love them, what do you think?
  2. if you're sure they are authentic, you shouldn't have a problem reselling. if they turned out to be fake, you should get a refund from the sellers. do you have a link to the auctions? or photos?
  3. Post pics of them here and maybe we can help you out with authentication

    If they are authentic you will have no problems at all selling it.:yes:
  4. I agree. If they are authentic eg. comes with original receipt, you should be able to resell them easily.
  5. Sorry but you bought 2 fakes. Fendi Spy bags retail for over $2000. The leather is all wrong, I could go on. You will never find an authentic bag for the price you paid, sorry. You should try & get your $ back. Don't try & resell them on Ebay~
  6. sorry but they're definitely fake. i would get my $$ back if you can. I agree with acegirl...for that price, you'll NEVER be able to find an authentic one.

    i bought a fake spy on ebay last year (before I knew about authenticating them) and spent a whopping $700 for a fake bag. the worst thing is that i left the seller positive feedback because i assumed the bag was real. i guess its a lesson learned. its sitting in my closet and it pains me to look at it. i'm just going to donate it to goodwill or something.

    good luck with whatever you decide
  7. FAKE ........... Why did you think you would get an authentic Fendi for that price point??
  8. eeeccck...bleck....way too fake...eek..sorry.I have the black spy and this is not the same bag!
  9. oh thats so sad......another bad ebay transaction....I am sorry....