Too many Speedys?

  1. Now I am sure there are many of you with lots of Speedys, but let me explain my question. I recently got my first LV, a damier Speedy 30, and I love it. But I am also thinking of trying to get a Mirage Speedy while they are still around, because I absolutely love the Mirage line, both the bordeaux and noir. If I got it, that would be only my second LV. Is that ridiculous to just get Speedys, in the same size even, when there are so many other styles I haven't even looked at? I wish I had an idea of how long the Mirages would be around, or if there were going to be any other styles. I like the Musette, too, but that's more than I really want to spend right now.

    I think I'm getting sucked into the whole limited edition thing, not because I care that it's something all that "limited," but because it feels like there's a time pressure to get it. I have bought a _lot_ of handbags recently, so otherwise it's not like I will have to carry my stuff around in a paper bag!
  2. If you love the Speedy shape, then go for it in the Mirage Speedy!!! I think it's a beautiful purse. I would buy it in the noir version although the bordeaux version is very pretty as well!! Decisions, decisions!! I have two Speedy 30's (Mono & Damier), so I'm enabling you to buy your 2nd Speedy!!
  3. I think you should get the Mirage speedy especially because it's limited. My first two LV's were the speedy i have seven and looking to buy three more when the cruise collection comes out. You can never have too many speedies.
  4. You can never have too many Speedies! It's my favorite shape! I have 4!
  5. If you like Mirage Speedy, go for it! Plus, it's a LE..don't miss it if you are lucky to get it!
  6. the speedy is a great and practical shape! So why not get more in different styles/colors? I wouldn't see it as a same bag... I have the noir mirage and been using it non-stop since I got it! It's a great bag for winter, so I would say, go get it!
  7. There's no such thing as too many speedies! :smile:
  8. you can never have to many speedy's.
  9. Too many? In the LV language? That's crazy talk! :p
  10. ^^^ agree with all above
    no such thing as too many speedies I have 4 and that's a small speedy collection compared to some on here I think someone has 7 so as long as you love you'll be fine
  11. Let me point out one thing...You can NEVER have too many speedy's!:tup:
  12. You can never have too many! Before I sold all mine I had around 6 of them! Great bags :smile: I kind of miss them!
  13. I'm so glad you posted this question, because after getting my bordeaux Mirage Speedy, my very first Speedy, I am now a major fan of Speedies and I want to get a bunch of them! LOL

    So...I say go for another Speedy!
  14. it is absolutely okay to have 2 speedy 30's. if you love it, GET IT
  15. The more the better, no speedy is the same!