Too Many Purple Bags!!!

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  1. i have 3 purple bags!!!
    all beautiful- all different . i know for sure i'm keeping 2 of them... my question is concerning the amethyst claire... should i keep her? she's SOOO pretty- but i'm afraid to use her!
    i don't want to ruin her- just look at her!
    AND i do need a gold or blue bag...
    should i keep her?
    or pass her on and get a gold or blue bag?
    what do you think?
    these are the purple bags i have
    metallic amethyst claire

    large plum maggie

    mauve parker slim toe
  2. You'll have to explain this "too many purple bags" thing to me. I don't get it! :P

    I think they are so different that you should keep all of them, but I understand about keeping Claire pretty. If she never comes out of the dust bag because you're afraid to use her, then I would exchange her for something that you feel more comfortable using.

    ...but she IS soooo pretty!!!
  3. i know!! she is SOOO pretty!!! LOL!!!
    even thinking of getting rid of her is crazy...
    i will probably end up keeping her... but i feel like that's wasting money that could go for something i'll use!!! LOL!
  4. I'm a purple person too & I'd love the amethyst Claire, but I know what you mean about wondering if she'll be "useable." I bought the purple patent Poppy Spotlight & am thinking of returning for the same reason. Too many purple bags.
  5. I like the claire alot better than the parker or maggie. the claire really stands out and is a show stopper while the maggie and parker are more ordinary. if it came to me, i would keep the claire, and get rid of the other two.

    don't be afraid to use ur bags. remember, they are made to be used!
  6. Large Maggie in plum...I'm swooning!!! I also have a bag that I'm scared to use and it's sat on my "bag shelf" for atleast 4 months!!! If you don't see yourself carrying the bag atleast once a month or two I'd say trade it out for something you will use. Ofcourse I don't yeild my own advice, but I'm here to pass it right along to you!! LOL

    My poor Lg. grey leather Sabrina should be getting a workout, instead she just sit's on the sidelines to watch my other bags get all the glory!!!!
  7. I love the Claire, but I have a Belen Echandia bag that I feel the same way about. She is so lovely and I take her out the dustbag once a week to look at her but am afraid to use it. I will probably end up selling it but as of yet can't bear to part with it!
  8. You can never have too many purple bags!!!
  9. Um... I think you may be asking the wrong crowd... :P
    Too much purple? :confused1:
    I love them all! You Need all of them! :yes:
  10. No, I don't think so. I would be thrilled to have 3 purple Coach bags. I'm just getting into purple Coach.
  11. You definitely don't have too much purple yet! They are all different shades and different styles, so they each serve a different purpose. For now I say keep Claire. She's pretty to look at. If in time you find that you still can't bring yourself to use her, then you may think about finding a new home for her.
  12. i think you ladies are right.. i don't NEED a gold bag.. i really need these purples.. besides.. my bags have enough gold hardware right?
  13. The Amethyst Claire is gorgeous. I would defiinitely keep.
  14. argh give claire back No no and argh no she is stunning..second place goes to maggie..the third bag is ok... oh heck i suck at getting rid of bags...i wish my bags had their own room or those cool walk in closet rooms that the stars have lol
  15. I was thinking the same thing today after my outlet trip. I got the plum maggie (small) and I have the mauve parker hobo, when I got home I had a brief moment of what do I need 2 purple bags for... Well I'm over it now!
    I say keep em all, they are all very nice. Do not fear claire, she was made to be carried so carry her.