Too many people signed in tonight???

  1. It's late now, and I'll be logging out, but even when maintenance wasn't going on, I had a terrible time getting into PF this evening; usually unsucessful. When I managed to, time seemed to stand still. (other sites ran as usual)

    Are we getting too big again? Or is it the full moon:nuts:?
  2. Same here. I thought at first it was my computer but I can get into every other site I've gone to just fine.
  3. Having the same problem!! Other sites load just fine
  4. Ditto.. I'm glad I'm not alone. When there weren't maintenance pages, they just simply wouldn't load... :sad:
  5. Yeah, what's going on??
  6. Me too - quite a few times today it has come up with "Database Error".

    LOL - I'm at work so shouldn't be signed in anyway.... back to the salt mines (or in my case, back to tax calculations!)
  7. me too..I couldnt get on all night
  8. thank goodness its not just me. all the pages are taking a looooooong time to load. I know Vlad was doing some maintenance - maybe theres still a problem?
  9. I'm having the same problem :crybaby:
  10. Yep, after it was down for maintenance it only loads intermittantly
  11. We are having a slight hardware issue, hoping to get it fixed by noon Eastern today. :idea:
  12. I couldn't get on this morning using ?? I had to google and get in that way :shrugs:
  13. Hang tight everyone... we have a little problem with server number 3 :yes: Once the techs fix it, we will be back in business!!!
  14. Yes^^^ my computer does not recognize this site.
    I had to go to and then go to purse forum. Thanks Vlad and Megs!
  15. ^^^Ditto. Apparently not everyone that's usually here has figured that out. There's not been the usual 800-1000 people online today. It's just barely 600.