Too many fakes!!

  1. I live in Australia and see so many fake LVs every single day that I am starting to not want to wear my REAL LVs anymore. Don't get me wrong-I LOVE my LVs, but I am starting to wonder if people look at me and think that I am also wearing a fake since nearly EVERYONE seems to be doing it! What is your opinion on this?
  2. I've said this before, I'm proud of my bags and seeing a fake makes me appreciate them even more, and want more...:P
  3. i do not buy the bags to impress people i do not know or do not like. so i do not care what these people think about me or my bags ! i know i love it and i know it is real so that is enough for me
  4. I agree completely and still proudly wear my bags. I just get annoyed sometimes and wonder how it si possible that there are so many sellers out there that sell fakes and don't get in trouble for it! I see it at the markets etc and really wonder why so little is done about the sellers?
  5. yeah i vouch for ya! OZ has tooo tooo many fakes, its coz we are so close to asia where they are mass produced and its so easy to ship down here
  6. I have to agree with some of the other posters, when people wear fakes it only makes me appriciate my real bags even more. Plus, it's really fun to see someone with an obvious fake when I'm carrying my real bag and then eye them up like I'm saying "I know!", it happened some three times when I travelled with my keepall, and on the airport shuttle there was a fake keepall lying on the shelf below mine, and it was so much fun, because the fake was all ripped up and stuff while my authentic bag was there looking gorgeous as always :love:
  7. Hi MarieG, Yeh there are way too many fakes over here. Just do a search on ebay OZ and about 99% of the LV bags are fake. A lot of them sell for over $500 to my amazement.

    Enjoy carrying your LVs and don't let this bother least you know your bags are authentic and that is all that matters :smile:.
  8. you obviously bought those bags for all the wrong reasons. :hrmm:
  9. I honestly don't care if people DO think that I carry a fake. I know I don't, that's all that matters.:yes:
  10. I agree I refuse to buy some LOGO brands because I see so many fakes in NYC.
  11. It's true that it's quite natural for Aussies to think we're carrying fakes, just cause they think everyone would be.

    However, I boil it down to the fact that they haven' really got much knowledge about LV at all to begin with. I had a girl look at my LV and say, "You know, I really like those shoulder pouches. I'm planning to get a monogram one with a bow one day"

    Like huh? Either she saw some one's fake and thought it was real or she thought we were all holding fakes? *peeved*
  12. I agree with MarieG. I spend money to have a purse, and then I found AN IDENTIC one near home in a street... I really don't make jumps of joy.

    PS: sorry for my english, I'm italian.
  13. Fakes are everywhere and it doesn't stop me carrying mine. I didn't buy them to impress other people. People who knows bags will know better..
  14. We live life in an unhealthy manner when we allow someone else's opinion of us to matter. When you love God and yourself and live your life with purpose it matters not what people opine regarding you.

    I do understand what you mean about the fake bag issue but one should release that concern. I carry the bags that I carry for my own personal satisfaction. I care not what somebody else feels about me or my things.