Too many Evelynes ?

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  1. Ugh, if I saw one in vert Cypress with ghw I would have my credit card out so fast heads would spin. I would love that color combo.
  2. Vert Cyprus comes with PHW in the Evelyne. There’s one on the Canadian website now.
  3. That is very beautiful!!
  4. Yes, of course it does...but it hasn't come to me yet in any of my stores :smile:
  5. too many is not in my vocabulary. I had 8 Evelyns at one point because they worked for my “go chase after your daughter” lifestyle, and I still use the two I have on the weekends when I’m more casual.
    It is a great bag and I definitely think you getting a fourth would be awesome as long as it’s something you want. There are so many colors to chose from. Good luck.